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  1. Very bad experience with the “membership director” – trying to use lame and silly tricks to get you to sign up – no Thank you.
    Rude people / Customer Service, old place, filled with old people – coming there to socialize I guess.
    Stay away!

  2. I wouldn’t recommend this gym. Small variety of classes, poor customer service, old equipment, expensive fees, local amenities (tennis courts) are not free. Once you want to cancel the contract – they will start threatening you with the collection agency. No cancellation fees exist. They would charge you the whole amount of money upfront ( more than 1K) to compensate the uncollected membership payments. If you refuse to pay – collection agency will call with abusive words and bullying. I would not advise you to sign up for the membership at Fitness Institute; consider other clubs with access to multiple locations and classes.

  3. DON”T GO THERE!!!!! I was a member for almost a year, these guys don’t have a clue what customer service means. The gym looked overpriced from the beginning, but I signed up because I work at the same building. My mom was visiting me from back home that time and we appeared at the gym together several times. After that I couldn’t get rid off the salesperson who was catching me in the lobby and forcing to buy a membership for her that I didn’t want. The gym is very out-dated, sometimes showers were cold, hot-tub was not working for a month and the swimming pool was cold. When I asked the General Manager to reimburse the payment for the month when they had all these troubles, he said that he has a group of people that complain and I’m a part of this group and he’ll let me know if he decides to compensate the inconvenience. I’ve never got the apologies. I wanted to cancel the membership, but they refused to let me go. As soon as you sign the agreement, they don’t care about you at all!!!! I got my month free finally when I told them that I’m planning to place my complaint on the Ministry web-site. Now my co-worker who signed later is in worse situation than I was, they are squeezing money from her through collection agency and try to scary her. As per her they promise to sell her property if she refuses to pay.
    I think this is disgusting:(

  4. The gym is very old , not to mention it always lacks simple hygiene. The worst is the payments with lots of hidden fees that are not disclosed or negotiable once payed . These people overcharged me so much for a poor gym experience . I would defiantly NOT recommend this fitness club to anyone.

  5. I really like this gym, I would recomend it to anyone, I love the fact that this gym is exclusive it makes me feel that I am in a first class gym. The services are much better then other gym’s. Not to Mention that it is very clean inside, not like YMCA or even Good Life. Yes this gym maybe a little bit more in monthly fee but my health doesn’t come with a price so I don’t mind paying a little extra for a gym that I don’t have to wait around to use. Also there is one Membership Director I would recomend . His name is Anthony and he is incredably friendly and courteous. He made me feel right at home and I would recomend anyone that is interested in going and taking a look to ask for the Membership Director by the name of Anthony. What an AMAZING Experience with this Gentlemen.

  6. Beware. I was a member for about a year. I developed one heck of a leg, arm and torso skin rash from this place. Took me a couple weeks to fully get rid of the stuff. The infected skin areas in order to clear and heal flaked off like dandruff. I had to have clothes specially washed and dry cleaned (cost me a bunch). The men’s locker room frequently smelled of urine, BO and crap. The place is tired and old. I should have looked elsewhere. Oh and if you want to quit … forget it. They will continue to extract the monthly charges on your credit card and be very aggressive.

  7. This gym is a joke; if you sign up there sales guy will tell you anything to get a sale. Once you’re in they have you, in my situation I moved out of Toronto they still made me pay the membership and when my contract date come up they will not return you calls, faxes or email for you to cancel or even pay of your membership balance. The owner of the gym is not helpful or understanding either …..This gyms is bad news that’s probably why there is one of this gyms, there customer service is poor and unfriendly.

  8. Surprise surprise. The gym was able to remove all the negative Yelp reviews. Place is shady and they see people beginning to catch on!

  9. I created an account just to warn people of this place! It’s not worth the risk…People are nice but the business runs a very shady sign up practice and tries to lock people in for ridiculous amounts of money. They sign you up for $70 – $110 / m and their not even opened 24 hours. And all the things that they show you on the tour i.e. the spa, the clinic, tennis court you have to pay extra for. This place is a joke and def not worth your time and money! I wish I read reviews before signing up but maybe this can save someone from making the same mistake I did.

  10. This place is boring with not many people in the gym. Old equipments. Its totally empty. Membership is expensive here as compared to other gym like YMCA or Good life fitness. I personally like YMCA

    Go at your own risk. Its not worth the money and Time.

  11. The Golden Rule for ALL gyms is don’t give them pre-authorization to you account and that goes for the higher end ones. Save up and pay for the full year on sign up. Then you eliminate your problems yourself. I’m not saying it’s right but you have take some blame for not protecting yourself.
    It is a more expensive gym and it does not have multiple locations. You know this when signing up and if that’s a problem take your business elsewhere. Again another thing you can take care of yourself.
    As for the gym itself it’s not that bad by a long shot. There is a lot that they offer including the indoor swimming pool which is nice, free towel service and toiletries make it even sweeter. You don’t have to deal with guys who are jacked up and slam the equipment down which I’m sure can intimidate and motivate at the same time. Everyone who uses the gym is really pleasant and I personally love watching the silver foxes kill it in there.
    The changerooms need a minor facelift but that’s my only complaint. 3.5/5

  12. Honestly, the place is decent. But for the fact that it’s very overpriced, I cannot recommend it.
    I also cannot cancel the membership… they won’t let me.

    They range from $69-99 per month. I went to ymca before for $55 per month and it was a lot bigger, with multiple locations and with more machines.
    They simply charge way too much for what little they are offering.

    I tried to cancel it but you are locked for a year. Ymca let me stop anytime I wanted, so Fitness Institute has no reason they cannot stop it aside from greed.

    Jess H.

    • Hi Jessica,

      How they function is that the so-called sales director will sit you down and bring out a binder, saying their membership is something like $99 per year, but for you, for today, they’ll offer you cheaper.

      It’s all just made up… The pages of the binder were printed out and I can do a better photoshop skill than that.


  13. Ripped me off by scamming me to sign a full year contract at FULL PRICE claiming it’s already a deal. Pierre, the Sales director had persuade me with incentives that are NON-EXISTING, and Naresh Persaud, the General Manager, was the rudest and most unprofessional GM I’ve ever met in my 54 years of life…

    • I’ve enjoyed coming to this Club and have always been treated well by the staff. I’ve referred friends to the Club before and even referred two co-workers this month.

      I see the owner of the club all the time, he’s always talking to people. If you have a real problem then go talk to him.

      • Mr. Gord,
        You’ve been a member for over 10 years as you’ve said.
        Try being a young member, and see how you are mistreated.
        I’ve talked with the GM and also the Owner several times and my concerns were ignored.
        You are a veteran and you’ve never seen the things we new members have.

        I respectfully disagree.

  14. If you’ve been to this place for 10 years than OF COURSE you get better treatment. But for the rest of us, DON’T GO TO THIS PLACE.
    There is a promotion for $29 per month, it’s a SCAM. The sales will sit you down and force you to sign on for a full year at $69 per month claiming it’s a deal!
    There’s NO WAY to get out of a deal!

  15. I’ve been a Member of this Club for 10 years, it’s GREAT. The Club is clean, good equipment and the Staff is nice. I’ve used the restaurant, the Clinic for physio and worked with 2 of their personal trainers. I have friends who’re paying the same or more at other Clubs and they don’t get all of the services that they have here. Definitely a great Club.

  16. Agreed with comments above. DO NOT go to this place.
    It’s the most unprofessional gym I’ve been to, with bad staff and overcharges.
    They’ve been taking money from my bank account months after I stopped the membership…

  17. This place is a joke. They are overpriced and their service is worse than any club I’ve been to. For the amount of money you pay you would expect them to provide more.

  18. Such a bad place and such a sneaky policies to force you to keep you chained to this club.
    they’re offering to put you on hold but they keep charging you, and there’s nothing on the contract, and when you ask to cancel your membership they’re keeping charging you for a few months…

    such a sneaky and bad policy place to be, never go there.. or just pay cash!!


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