GoodLife Fitness

250 Yonge Street 5th Floor
Toronto ON M5B2M6

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GoodLife Fitness, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

1 review of “GoodLife Fitness

  1. he level of customer service they provide is scarily inept! Used to go to the Goodlife on 10 Dundas east in Toronto. Had my locker broken into the first week of May 2017. NOBODY from the club or head office even bothered to follow up with me. When I went in to complain at the club, they politely asked me to F*** Off. Even more scary is the part that the day my locker was broken into, the adjacent locker was cut open by the gym staff. The staff member subsequently blamed me for leaving my locker unlocked until I proved to him with a key that the lock he cut wasn’t mine. The whole issue was suspicious and the club refused to even look into it. Who knows what really goes on in this company!! Just cancelled my membership. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  2. Terrible experience at this gym! One of the fitness advisors named [*********] at the young and Dundas Goodlife fitness center felt it was ok to go into my file after I signed up and started to text my personal cell phone. I did not agree to this and found it extremely inappropriate and uncomfortable. I tried to contact the store manager about it where she failed to take the complaint, resulting in [*********] calling my cell asking me if I was asking for him. I made a complaint to head office, im sure nothing was done. I WILL NEVER USE THIS LOCATION AGAIN. WOMEN BEWARE!


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