9 reviews of “Body & Soul Fitness

  1. Excellent gym. It has exactly what you need. No gimmicky machines and no harassing personal trainers like at goodlife. It’s $80/month and I’m more than happy to pay that. It gets busy right around 4-6 when people are done work. I always go at either 11am or 8pm depending on my schedule.
    4 squat racks, free weights up to 110lbs, cardio equipment, few basic strength machines, and pulley systems. If you need more than that, you don’t know how to effectively workout.

  2. I have to say this place exceeded my expectations. I enjoy a place where I can kick off my shoes walk around and feel like I’m at home. I really do not mind paying $80/m for a place that isn’t full of sweaty ignorant kids or “muscleheads” that think they can ask me out every time I go in. Goodlife has nothing on this private gem.

  3. Hi there,

    I am very very happy with the staff, gym, locker room, bathroom, personal training etc.,(eglinton & avenue location)

    Very impressed out of all the other gyms, i have been to.

    Keep up the good work guys 🙂

    Thanks again,

  4. This facility is absolutely awful. I cancelled my membership at the Eglinton club after 6 months of over paying. The showers were moldy and the equipment is never wiped clean. There’s always a shortage of towels and the equipment is always being used by someone. Don’t expect to go in for a 20 minute workout because you will spend 20 minutes just waiting for equipment to free up! Take my advise and stay clear!

  5. Took months just to get an appointment because they never pick up. Or it’s inconvenient for them . When I finally got one they buzzed me in and as there is no reception they just let me sit there for 15 min until I walked in to find someone who told me you have to pre pay as many months as you want and for 1 month it’s 120!! Overpriced and un professional! Good life fitness much better!

  6. Just checked this club out, and the price is $80 per month. No idea what Mario and Sam are talking about. They must be from a competing gym. Ended up buying one month to try it out and will post my thoughts later


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