3 reviews of “Eros Fitness

  1. I <3 Eros Fitness.

    It is a great location, and "shhhhh 'free parking'"…don't tell anyone.

    Talented choreographer as he choreographed Miss Pole Dance Canada's routine and she won all divisions except the outfit that was designed by someone else. She ended up going to World's.

    The poles are competitive height and slides are alot of fun 16' up to slide down.

    It's the first to have static and spin pole in the city. It is also one of the first to have more co-ed class and men are very active and not just sitting around. 😉 They make great spotters.

    I am also very happy to have male pole dancers that are increasing their strength, flexibility and their isolator muscles. You see a man may be bulky, big & strong but isolator muscles lack. This part of a man's A & P is neglected, but with pole fitness it is addressed.

    I am very privileged to be able to go and learn from Gary at Eros Fitness.

  2. Eros is a fantastic pole gym. The first day I went in they were incredibly welcoming, helping me get started and I was able to learn a ton in as quick as an hour. I was so enthused I didn’t want to leave. I would recommend to anyone interested in getting started or working on and learning some intense techniques and tricks. Eros will challenge you and if your willing, doing things you never thought you could.

    • I FULLY agree! The wednesday pole dance classes are a lot of fun and a great workout. I also highly recommend the thursday pole tricks class too!


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