BOMB Fitness

1502 Danforth Avenue
Toronto Ontario M4J 1N4

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BOMB Fitness, 6.7 out of 10 based on 143 ratings

23 reviews of “BOMB Fitness

  1. I last posted 10 months ago about my gym and wanted to give you an update. I still go there 4-6 times a week when possible and have gone down two pants sizes (from a 16-12) in the past 10 months. This community gym really is the Bomb. Just ask the 16+ members that show up for bootcamp Friday morning at 9:15am. Come to any of the classes offered and you’ll soon know why members who join this gym, stay with this gym for life.

  2. I joined Bomb Fitness in November 2013 to keep myself active during the three month hiatus I would have following my first season in roller derby. However, it quickly became apparent that the bootcamp and trx classes that I do 3-4 times a week would not be stopped once my 2014 season started. The extra off skates workout these classes provide has given me the core training and strengthening I need be a better derby player and having gone down two notches on my belt hasn’t hurt either.

  3. I would highly rate BOMB fitness studio as 10 out of 10!!!The instructors are super friendly and fantastic.There is defintely a sense of community here and LOTS of postitive energy. It’s clean and you will feel the burn just after one workout. And if you are new, the instructors woill spend extra time ensuring you are set up properly and your form is good. I particulary enjoyed Bernie’s Kickboxing class, the instructor is terrific. Great music and atmosphere that generated a lot of energy. You will get an awesome workout, and leave feeling great. I wish this place alot of success, they deserve it:)

  4. BOMB is great !! The owners are very friendly, I felt really welcoming to their studio. BOMB has great variety of classes which can achieve your goal. I would recomend BOMB to anyone who would like to excel his or her fitness levels.

    Thanks BOMB.

  5. Working at Bomb is great experience! Kevin and Victoria made a very comfortable environment while workingout and have a challenging classes all year around. You will know when you finished one class, you will feel invigorated and achieved how far you can push yourself. Bomb is dynamite!!! I rate Bomb Wellness Studio as “10”!

  6. BOMB is the bomb and I recommend the place to anyone who is a health and workout fanatic. Victoria and Kevin are both wonderful and very approachable when it comes to advise in health and fitness.

    My favourite classes are Kevin class’ the Fighting Fit and Bernadette;s Kickboxing class.

    I rate the BOMB Wellnes Studio as ’10’.

    Thank you.

  7. My spouse felt he was getting plenty of exercise as his job is fairly physical. However, he was having problems with certain areas and didn’t know what to do. Of course the problem was that some muscles were being vigorously exercised but other weaker ones were being strained. Since he’s been going to the gym and getting professional guidance, he has felt much better. Thanks.

  8. Bomb wellness is a fun environment that really pushes you to your limits. I usually get bored very easily with classes but with the wide variety of classes offered you wont have this issue! My favorite class at bomb wellness is definitely the buddy up class and TRX. Victoria and Kevin whip you into shape and make you work your hardest.

  9. My personal favourites are the Stack Attack, the TRX, and the Butts n Gutts class. I worked out regularly before, but these classes seem to find muscles I never knew I had! The definition I am starting to notice is really nice too 🙂

    Also have to put in accolades to the great yoga instructors…they really know how to challenge me without making me feel bad about my utter lack of coordination!

  10. I absolutely LOVE this place! If you want to go to a gym where fitness and fun are the focus rather than ripping you off with some lowballing deal this is the place to go. Kevin and Victoria’ s honest, relaxed yet professional business approach are a welcome and very positive change to our neighbourhood.

  11. I came to Toronto for the weekend (I live in Ottawa) and having known Victoria from years ago, I wanted to check out this studio. I’ve been to tons of fitness studios, both in Canada and abroad in the UK, and this one stands out. The classes are unique and fun, and Victoria and Kevin are amazing instructors with loads of knowledge and motivation. This gym is worth checking out- try the “stack attack” classes and do as many as you can! Such a great workout and loads of fun.

    • Thanks Lauren. I still remember working out in the Carleton gym with you, and I don’t miss it at all! One of the major reasons we decided to open a studio that’s different. You’re welcome back anytime.

  12. BOMB is a very welcome addition to the neighbourhood. Victoria and Kevin have, in a few short weeks, created a warm and inviting hub where you feel comfortable and supported in working towards personal fitness and health goals. They work you hard and you certainly work up a sweat but the benefits are HUGE on so many levels.

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