1 review of “Mind & Body Yoga

  1. I didn’t like the teacher who was running the class so I opted to instead leave and wait in the lobby for my friend. As I was walking out the owner started making comments that made me feel uncomfortable. Flirting and asking if I came with my husband or boyfriend. After 5 minutes of this he tried to get me to start working. Put the fruit basket on the chairs and told me to take care of it. That I looked like a hard worker and he knew I would handle it. I sat down on the couch and pulled out my phone and he commented how he needed to run out and get some smokes (hes the only one there aside from the teacher who was busy) looked at me and asked me to watch the place, he’ll be right back. Came over and slid the chair with the basket over to me and repeated that I should take care of that and then left.
    Now hes getting demanding and rude about the money. First he wants an additional $4 per class and now he wants the taxes. You refuse him and he starts yelling about how you are screwing over revenue Canada.

    I work for another company that has done a deal. I know they take a 20% cut and they make it very clear so you are not confused. The owner had every piece of info to know what he was getting into. So why is he now trying to put the financial burden on others.

    I am using up my coupons now just out of spite. Then I will never ever return again.


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