1 review of “Extension Room

  1. Absolutely the worst place I’ve ever walked in!
    Customer Service does not exist in this place. We received the most rude treatment (by the owner) walking in the studio as first timers.

    My friend and I bought their groupon. It was a long commute over and was told we cannot redeem the groupon for the evening’s class.

    Their reasoning: it’s a longer class that’s apparently not the same value. There is nothing on the groupon that specify what classes cannot be redeemed. all it says is “valid for all regular classes”. and the owner looked at us as if we are idiots. If we have never been to this place and there are no sufficient info describing what is what, how are we suppose to know this particular class is not a regular class? their website has tons of false info and not helpful. I did try to contact by email, facebook and phone numerous time to ask for more info before hand. No reply, for weeks and never got a reply.

    The front desk employee was side by side with the owner and the employee was more human and expressed sympathy. I understand there is nothing she can do so I thanked her for her efforts. The Owner treated us terribly (you ‘re an idiot that you don’t know the details of how our company even though it’s your first time and we don’t provide the damn info anywhere visible). If this is how she treats her customers, I cannot imagine how she would treat her employees. I refuse to support such an organization. I still cannot believe a dancer from Opera Atelier can have such manners.

    At the end, we walked away without any options.
    My friend is a visitor from Japan and we are dealing with Groupon to get our money back. Not a positive experience of Toronto/Canada.


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