1 review of “Oliphant’s Gym

  1. Situated in the Annex Oliphant’s Gym, also as known Oliphant’s Academy of Physical Culture, is one of the most refreshing places to work out in. The gym is being run by the membership in co-op style since the William “Buster” Oliphant passed away almost 20 years ago!! The gym is very basic with mostly free weights, rowing machines and a couple of bikes and one treadmill. The machinery is left to minimum here because they believe that strength training is one of the best ways of strengthening your cardio. It is spacious and I never have to wait to use any of the equipment. For only $40 bucks a month no contract, no fees and best of all no hard sell.

    Love the place and I almost don’t want to tell people about because I don’t want it to get too popular!


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