2 reviews of “KX Yorkville

  1. I am in my early thirties and have been active all my life. I was carrying stubborn fat that wouldn’t go away and suffered from chronic shoulder pain. I was recommended to Kx through a friend who has been working with one of the trainers at Kx for a decade. I was impressed by how clean the facility is…Snugged in a heritage building decorated with a powerlifting platform, dumbbells, cables, stretching tables, glute-ham raise, rowing machines….you name it! The trainers and therapists there are knowledgeable and friendly—they take their time in assessing your issues/ needs and assist you in creating achievable goals.

    I purchased the Biosignature package—which they measure the subcutaneous fat from different sites of the body to determine hormonal and nutrient deficiencies and imbalances. I’ve only modified my diet slightly and I’ve seen TREMENDOUS results. The best part about this gym is that the personal trainers work very closely with chiropractors and massage therapists to ensure optimal results. My trainer communicates with my chiropractor which definitely accelerated the process of healing my shoulder pain. Highly recommend!

  2. Must check out this exclusive, private boutique gym.

    These guys dont mess around and are results driven! They use Bio SIgnature to ensure fat loss results and have onsite therapy with Dr.Clara Leunge and Dr.Jason Izrealeski.

    The amenities are top notch designed by Alessandro Munge from MUNGELEUNGE.

    If you are looking for to get out of the big box boring gym’s visit this place in Yorkville today!


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