Dufferin North Athletics

4646 Dufferin Street
Toronto ON M3H5S4

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Rating: 7.1/10 (83 votes cast)
Dufferin North Athletics, 7.1 out of 10 based on 83 ratings

35 reviews of “Dufferin North Athletics

  1. Gym is great and the atmosphere is welcoming… You have to see for yourself
    they have everything you need to be successful including helpful staff

    I go three times a week and will continue to support my club
    has a family feel and I didn’t feel the same when I used to go to Good Life

  2. This place is horrible. High pressure sales tactics from the moment I walked in. I ended up joining (big mistake). The club is dirty, and the trainers never leave me alone. I can’t enjoy my workout without being approached at least once to buy training! Membership is cheap and it is reflected in the service and upkeep of the club! Save your money.

  3. I use the crossfit training facility and boxing studio mostly
    I have recently gotten into lifting heavier weights which this club seems well equipped for.
    staff are friendly and knowledegable
    changerooms have dry sauna’s and steamrooms which is a nice touch
    members are friendly enough
    I am going to try some of the Yoga program because its included in membership

  4. I really like this club. You need to see for yourself
    Staff are friendly and have helped me lose 20lbs in 3 months

    I do the crossfit classes and use the daycare for my young son
    I enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager

  5. This gym is a god damn joke. I started working out here in January and the guy I signed up with was a pushy bastard. His name was Andrew and my god was he a nuisance. I’d ask if the gym had any free trials and he’d keep telling me there’d be no point. He kept pushing me to sign a year contract telling me he’d give me the best possible price.Me being desperate for a gym in North York, I signed the damn contract and I regret it to this day. The staff are incompetent and furthermore plain arrogant. Don’t expect the front desk staff to be of any help or any other staff member for that matter. I’ve heard so many rumours of Dave the guy from management, attempting to coerce his potential clients into doing sexual favors for him for free memberships. You can check google reviews or even ask some of the locals, and most won’t deny that he’s a sick freak. It doesn’t help that he can’t run a gym. The place is filed with criminals, low life’s and a bunch of guys who walk around like they’re hot shots. You got a bunch of personal trainers who shoot up steroids and act like they know what personal training is because they “look” the part. I’ve bumped into some personal trainers on the street, and let me tell you they don’t give a shit. They’re probably some of the worst people I’ve ever dealt. Having a good environment is paramount to any individual’s training. If you’re looking for that type of environment, go elsewhere. I signed a year membership here and it’s fucking terrible.

  6. Worst gym ever. Pushy salesmen, They will sign up your friends and give them better deals than you. The washrooms are full of needles… clearly the staff pushes roids. They can’t even properly charge your credit card. And will charge you a fee larger than the membership fee. And it’s funny how So many people I know had the same problem on the same month. But refuse to admit fault for anything. This gym is a joke. The staff here are incompetent. I strongly suggest you go to any gym other than this one. DNA will make you cringe and wonder why you even signed up..

    • I had previously written a negative review out if spite due to a final bad experience, But since I wrote that, I was contacted by Steve the club owner. He worked out with all the issues I had with the club and listened without casting blame on anyone. All and all this gym is run by real people who actually care. This gym is not perfect ( which no gym is) but I will say that if you have a problem try to talk to the higher ups and they will more than likely be helpful.

  7. I am a recent member of this gym. I was a bit skeptical of joining until I came to the facility. Great location, amazing staff and so much equipment and space. I work 9 – 5, and one of my biggest concerns was gyms being too crowed especially after 5 pm. No matter what time I come in, and how busy it is, there is always plenty of available equipment. I am very happy at DNA.

  8. I’ve been a member here since day 1 and although this gym has gone through it’s ups and downs the current management have really seemed to bring life back into this gym. Very competitive prices compared to the competition. The Cross training area is a nice touch and they have a decent amount of classes included. Gym is kept clean and the staff are always very pleasant I find. I would definitely refer this gym to anyone I know.

  9. Possibly the pushiest sales person i have ever met. He literally called me w/o exaggeration, 10 times a day. Definitely reeked of typical gym “shark”. Was heavily turned off by him. If u dont believe me, just go in and ask for “andrew”. Hope u walk around with a backup battery for ur phone, cause he;s going to drain it by mid afternoon lol!!!

    • Andrew’s persistence is actually the only reason why I finally joined! Without that extra push I would have kept leading a sedentary lifestyle and being a lazy couch potato. I’ve lost 15 lbs since I joined the gym and feel great! Thanks for caring Andrew

      • Little advice since ur obviously a gym noob. Dont think anyone who works at a gym who isnt related to you “cares” about you. When ur $$ runs out, they wont even remember ur name. LOL

  10. I work almost everyday till 9:30. I leave work and rush straight to my gym (which I’ve been going to faithfully for 5 years now). This place closes at 11:00P.M. on weekdays so I have 1 hour to train and get out of there. I am always considerate of my time there because I know how it feel to be kept late because of a customer. There is a woman at this particular location that closes with her colleague, a quiet gentlemen who cleans and doesn’t say too much, whom I see very often at this time. Never had an issue with them until tonight;

    I’m changing in the men’s change room five minutes before closing. I usually save the shower for home, change, and get out of there no questions asked. The quiet gentlemen leaves the change room and lets the woman know there is one last person changing (me). The woman, unannounced, proceeds to ENTER the change room while i’m still half naked, walks into the isle i’m changing in, and tells me to “hurry up please”. Cool, will do, sorry for the inconvenience. 15 seconds pass and she turns the lights off in the change room. It’s pitch black, the floor is wet, and I can’t see where i’m going. She comes back (thinking this act of aggression would make me change faster) and starts telling me i’m going too slowly. At this point I am angry, using my PHONE to see what i’m doing, finally get my things together and start heading out. She is standing there with another gentlemen who is a trainer at this gym, speaking about me in Russian. She is not saying nice things. I know this because I speak Russian. My parents are Russian and I was born in a Russian household. That was the last straw, I couldn’t believe what was happening.

    After 5 years of going to this establishment, under circumstances I could not control, and after being harassed by this particular employee, I am canceling my membership and moving on.

    It was good while it lasted Dufferin North Athletics​
    I can’t believe this is how I was treated.

  11. Omg have you read the reviews on Google! I knew I had a bad feeling about this gym the manager does such shoddy things. I tried the 10 day pass and on the 9th they they kept bothering me to join. My friend also got sexually assaulted by the manager at this gym. Please don’t join it’s horrible. They don’t refund you you usually have to make a huge scene for them to maybe refund your buy they usually lie so you can leave the office.

  12. Just joined about 6 months ago and could not be more happier.
    I highly recommend when joining doing the fitness assessment. It made me realize what to do and not to do to reach my goals. I bought a personal training package and within weeks, already started seeing some serious changes. I was referred to an amazing trainer (whom I still work with three times a week). but all of the trainers are so helpful regardless – always willing to help you on the floor if you need guidance (since in the beginning I had no idea what I was doing).
    Worth every penny – thank you DNA!

  13. I was considering to join the gym only after dealing with one of their pushy sales guy I changed my mind. He was rude and kept on caling and texting all the time. Then I started reading reviews and brought to his attention that I was not joining the gym. All I can say is his response was a cowards response and I am glad I did not join.

  14. I love the new boxing studio they have made, and I look forward to using the new daycare that is almost built …
    The club is great and I’m a very happy member.. I am a single mother with two children… I feel very comfortable here I’m so glad I joined!

  15. I have been a memer for 6 months, Ive lost 22lbs and will keep promoting their programs

    they just added Kettlebell!! Wahooo!!

    I do Crossfit already, and some Yoga…looking forward to the new challenge Kettlebell will bring!

  16. I Love my club!!! great atmosphere. met some new friends and had an awesome Yoga class last night!! I would recommend this gym to anyone I know.


  17. I have been using their new crossfit facility and absolutely love it!!!
    Nothing in North York compares to the killer workouts that Ernie provides, and you get free usage of all the equipment. ie…battle ropes, sleds, rig, kettlebells, and too much to list. I play competitive sports and have found that my performance has improved so much.
    Staff are extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. Heading over there now…See ya


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