Wynn Fitness Clubs

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2737 Keele Street
Toronto ON M3M 2E9

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Rating: 4.5/10 (43 votes cast)
Wynn Fitness Clubs, 4.5 out of 10 based on 43 ratings

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  1. I`m still waiting for response from Wynn.It wasn`t my fault I got the ticket.We got parking meters outside ans as soon as you come in you have to register your car so you have a free parking for two hours.As I mentioned I parked my car went to register and I got the ticket with in two minutes .They didn`t give me enough time to register my car.I dont think I`m responsible for that ticket.

  2. Last week I got a parking ticket I parked my car went to register and within 2 minutes I got the ticket I didn`t get enough time to register I talked to managament and they asure me this was a mistake and they would have the ticket cancelled I asked every day they told me it was taken care of But when I checked on the computer on the sixth fay the ticket was still live so I paid it because after seven days it doubles. I told one of the managers about it the tall guy he just ignored me I don`t think I should pay. I`m a member for five years I deserv better.

  3. Mirela says:

    I have been going to this gym for less than a year now. Malinda has been my trainer and she is very good. She works with your muscles one at a time and you feel great after the workout. She is very kind and friendly and such a sweetheart. A – mark The staff is very professional, kind, respectful, and helpful. Starting with Terry, Keivon, Momo, Mark, Alex, Marcia. A-mark. The classes offered at different times are very helpful. The working conditions are very good, however, the water in the showers is cold sometimes, the hairdryers not working most of the time or they just blow cold air.
    I believe that these problems will be fixed soon. I enjoy going there and I would recommend this site of Wynn Fitness to everyone.

  4. Maria teresa B. says:

    Great facility and helpful staff especially Mark for assisting my nephew.

  5. Kache says:

    I went to keele and Wilson Gym. And they never keep what they said in agreement. I suppose to get 3 free training Hrs and never got it. Also they never give the Gym bag free. That was in the offer
    Only concentrated on yr money to appoint Personal Trainer. I tried to cancel my membership and they argued that they will take money for upcoming two weeks as they need a 2 weeks notice which was never mentioned by the Manager Keivan and Mark
    Waste of your money as there is no one come and help you if you don’t have personal trainer

  6. Aron says:

    Been going to WYNN fitness over a year now, the staff are amazing and very helpful most of all the manager Mark is one of a kind. He is very welcoming, respectful and take everyone’s feelings and concerns in to consideration.do hope he will be there for a very long time

  7. Bellissima says:

    the everyday manager he sports a beard. Is totally useless…don’t know why he gets paid.

  8. Keyshorn says:

    I went to this Wynn fitness gym today first time in life going to one an I felt so comfortable and am very satisfied with everything an it’s very clean an friendly staff an environment especially mark very nice an polite young man thanks I will be going there for one whole year I may even stay longer thanks Mark

  9. jessica says:

    I’m very happy with this gym facility and the staff. Mark is my friend forever. I recommend this gym all the time

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