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2737 Keele Street
Toronto ON M3M 2E9

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Wynn Fitness Clubs, 4.5 out of 10 based on 36 ratings

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  1. George says:

    Must say its not every day you come across people as pleasant as Marcia one of the receptionist at Wynn Fitness Keele and Wilson. Marcia is like a breath of fresh air when you walk into thiis facility and would recommend this gym to anyone for this single reason.

  2. MARY says:

    This gym is terrible. The turn over of management is every few months. The have no customer appreciation. They will rob you blind take your money and not give shit no matter how long you have been enrolled at this location. Save your self the time and money. Go any where else but not here. The trainers remaining are terrible. They cut your sessions short, take breaks , chat with others..they just want your money! Stay away for this gym.!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Utpal says:

    Wynne Fitness Club is BIF SCAM. They are fraud people. I am seriously thinking to take my matter to the police. They forced you to sign an agreement and left you with no choice.

    I was paying membership with the bank account direct debit and they kept taking money from my bank account after I stopped going there.

    Never ever go to that gym. They are CON.

  4. Karry says:

    Worst gym ever.
    They literally take the cake.
    Conning you into signing a membership that I thought was month to month. You have to be moving 25 KILOMETRES out of the city in order to void your membership with no cost. Otherwise you are forced to transfer. The worst contract experieence I have ever had. I can’t wait to cancel my membership.

  5. Angie says:

    I signed up for this Wynn membership. I’m totally cool with the monthly payments, the gym is very clean and equipment is great. Very friendly staff.
    However, I signed up for a few personal training sessions and I think I may have signed up for something I cannot afford. I was told it was 1 payment of 150 bucks plus tax for the amount of sessions I wanted, which seemed like a great deal to me. However, I believe my 150 one time payment is now once a month for 12 months which is something i cannot afford working contract full-time. I’m very nervous to speak to the manager tomorrow and I’m hoping we can come to an agreement. I don’t mind paying the exact amount for the sessions that I have used but I dont want to pay this 150 plus tax every month because I won’t be able to afford that for the next year. Any advice for speaking to them ?

  6. Frank says:

    I used to be a member of the Wynn in Richmond Hill. The gym itself wasn’t bad, but a year after leaving there they started charging my credit card again, and they refuse to refund my money – they want to give me a “one month credit” instead.

    Do not trust these people with your credit card info.

  7. Sohpie Evans says:

    I have read some of the negative reviews that have been posted about this gym and other gyms. I have been very happy here. I have always found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. Things arent always perfect but on the rare occasion I have found something wrong, I was able to talk to the staff and it was resolved. There are a lot of people coming and going and machines get broken. It takes time to get things fixed, I get that. There is such a large variety of equipment to choose from so I just find a different machine to use. I am happy here and will continue to come and I have recommended the gym to many of my friends and co workers.

  8. Jenn Holiday says:

    I have recently moved to the Toronto area and was looking for a gym to join. I came across Wynn Fitness, and took advantage of the 30 day trial that was being offered. I can’t say I have any major complaints about the gym. I have found the staff to be very educated. Any questions or concerns I have had, have always been answered and delt with quickly. On a couple of occasions I have noticed a machine down, but it was always repaired and up and working again in a few days. I would recommend this gym to my friends.

  9. Emma Consell says:

    I have been a memeber at Wynn Fitness for almost a year now. I have really enjoyed my time here. I have recieved a lot of help from the staff at the desk, as well as from the personal trainers. Their equipment has always been clean every time i have been in, which is very important to me. Most of the time I do not have to wait for machines, there has been a few occasions when the gym was really busy and there was a small wait. But to avoid those problems, I try not to come at the peak times. I am thrilled that they have yoga, and Zumba classes available. I will definately be renewing my membership and I would recommend trying out this gym! They are offering a free 30 day trial!!

  10. Bruce says:

    Not sure about the comments below. I’ve had no problems. Good workouts and equipment is clean & well-maintained.

  11. Tran says:

    This place is terrible. The staff is completely unreliable. They’ve kept me waiting around SO many times. Whether it was for an assessment test, or just to speak to a representative. But once they hear you that you want to speak to them about signing up, they’re right on your ass. They basically try and make you sign up for their 1 year contracts even after you say no after you take advantage of a promotion deal. I suggest you don’t go here if you don’t want to deal with headaches

  12. Joseph says:

    Review: I read several reviews before signing with this gym. I never owned a gym membership before and wanted to experience if this gym is bad as it sounds. I found the staff very annoying when it comes to money. Staff kept pressuring me into making purchases I do not want and making me feel cautious about my body. Honestly, I only decided to give this gym a try and stick with my two-month membership. This gym needs to STOP pressuring people and making people feel cautious about their bodies. This gym tried so desperately to make me feel bad and purchase their personal training. Also, the staff made me feel ignorant. Honestly, all you need to do is research a fitness and nutrition program to meet you goals. If you’re seriously considering to sign with this gym always go with a friend or family. It always helps to have that person next to you and prevent issues.

    Beginning: I purchased a two-month trial for $22 on Groupon because it was I thought it was a great deal and this is the closest’s gym to my house. On the first day I arrived (Feb.02.13), the staff members tried so desperately to convince me in purchasing a one-year membership, their personal training program, and do their free fitness assessment. I thought the one year membership was a great deal ($300) so said yes and did their free fitness assessment, but that lead to more problems. I read early reviews about the gym and decided NOT to give them my credit card and banking information, and decided to pay by cash. After signing papers, I was asked to fill out a document paper regarding my “goals” and was scheduled later that week to do the fitness assessment.

    Fitness Assessment: The staff member introduced himself, measured my weight, height, body fat percentage, and assessed me in several exercises. He looked at my goals, asked me several questions about personal training, it could be reached if I signed with a personal trainer. He wanted me to meet with another staff member to discuss about personal training and the “benefits.” I sat down in another room with the other staff member (Jeff). He tried desperately to convince me into purchasing the personal training and said it’s a good price for about $80. I told him no because I’m already going to spend $300 for their one-year membership and recently purchased their 2-month trial for $22. He gave me his last shot and insisted I do their “free” personal training. I said, sure. After receiving a call from their personal trainer, I decided not to go with the personal training because I thought about it and did not think it was necessary.

    • Sorry Joe says:

      I think you mean conscious about your body not cautious… I’m sure you were not scared (I hope) but maybe you were because you feel the need to bring “family and friends” to a gym. Sorry to be so forward and I know it can be annoying to be sold to… but thats how gyms get money…by selling things. Leave the gym instead of crying about it you sound very indecisive and insecure. Sorry for being so rude I truly am. People like you just annoy me.. complain about everything!

  13. Maureen says:

    I’ve been a member at the Mississauga location for a few years and have no complaints, the reception staff are always happy and friendly. .. and they have great spin instructors! Although make sure you get there early. They could probably put some more classes on the schedule but for the low rate I won’t complain. Worth checking out, some people just are never satisfied.

  14. Yellow says:

    I signed up back in January 5, 2013. The club is really nice and no broken equiptment yet. What I love the most are the staff. Very polite. Compare to my other experiences, this club one of the best by far. The only problem I had was the parking. But the staff showed me the additional parking that they have.

  15. Alessya McCowan says:

    I joined this gym in January this year and can honestly say I like it! Everyone seems friendly and the gym is in overall good condition. I hope I don’t regret saying this but compare to other gyms I haven’t had any billing problems either. My only complain would be when I go at night at times it’s a bit hard to find a parking spot but I usually get one within 5 minutes of waiting.

  16. Joseph Wong says:

    I’m a new member here for 5 weeks, and I’ve only had great experiences here. I’m not sure what everyone is complaining about. I bought what I wanted, they pushed some training on me, but I just said no. I can’t afford it, and they didnt seem pushy at all to me. I try and work out 2-3 times a week.

    the front desk girl knows my name, and though the machines are a little tight it is quite a spacious place to exercise.

    I would recommend it to my friends, and already have.

  17. Adam says:

    I love this gym. There’s all the equipment I need for both cardio and strength training. The staff is friendly. That being said they could use more cleaning staff.

  18. Carly says:

    This place is a slum gym. Almost all of their evening classes have been switched to PAY CLASSES. This is crap. Not a good place for women anymore because now you have to work out in the scuzzy main area where you are objectified. Nice going Wynn, my business is leaving!

  19. ross says:

    also when i was a member there they would send a female cleaner into the mens change room / shower areas . it sounds funny at first but it is actually very f….ed up …. your getting changed taking a shower and a female worker is in there cleaning or whatever as your junk is hanging out. this is at the keele location.

  20. ross says:

    when i joined Wynn fitness the first thing i said to the sales rep was if u say one word to me or show me one thing about personal trainers i will walk out of the room and ask for a different sales rep ……… had no problems until 2 years later when i wanted to end the membership…. no forms would not give me forms and would not except a written cancellation …. i told the manager u are a criminal and i changed accounts so don’t bother trying to steal from my account. IF SOMEONE LIKE A GYM PUTS U IN COLLECTIONS AND IT GOES ON YOUR CREDIT U CAN CHALLENGE IT . THEY WILL NEVER SHOW UP AS ITS A WASTE OF THERE TIME. THE JUDGE WILL SIDE WITH U NOT THE GYM

  21. sofia loren says:

    it sucks, especially Roger

  22. sofia loren says:

    I advised everybody to be careful with the manager (Roger), he is the worst person I ever deal with.

  23. ripped off says:

    these people are a joke, that piece of shit ron cost me over a 1000 dollars which i never wanted to pay. You know if we all got together and told the news, got a lawyer, someone, something. we could put these fucking crooks in their place.

  24. Mike says:

    I went to this gym previously, and it was a complete joke. When i mean joke i am also being to kind…..
    Trainers were like a revolving door, never had the same one during my sessions, never had the same workout plan, or meal plan…. never got to my goals…. they took all my money and i was left exactly where i started….
    For people trying to help other have a better and healthier lifestyle, Wynn Fitness doesnt give two craps…. my contract expired, i cancelled…. i thought i had cancelled untill i saw more withdrawls in my account… i managed to get my money back…. This place is a joke, take a the extra 5 mins or 2 km and go to a seriousl gym people….
    They gym shouldnt be named Wynn, should be renamed to Losers!!!

  25. Kate says:

    One of the staff said they got a virus in the computer and try to fix the problem. I just need my $ back and hopefully nxt month is not the same problem again.

  26. Troy says:

    They are frauds, simple, just like every other gym

  27. poca says:

    Omg! Same thing happened to my friend last month. She cancelled like 8 months ago and they took $ out of her account last month. I think they r theives. They probably do that to everyone that has cancelled and half the people won’t ever notice the $ is missing from their account. Whoever is doing it is probably pocketing the $. Fuckin crooks. Omg, I still belong to this gym. Haven’t been in awhile. But I do like the gym. I dnt pay attention to anyone there. I do my own thing. How much do yall pay per month? My fee is $35, ends up $39 I guess with taxes.

  28. Kate says:

    Be careful with this gym. I cancelled my contract a year ago. Today i was surprise they took money from my account. Its unbelievable. Never go to this gym

    • unimpressed ex member says:

      Ironically, I have just had to deal with the same issue,and not for the first time. My membership was cancelled a year ago. When I spoke to Rodger (manager), he agreed that the system showed they tried to take funds out of my account twice within the last two months. When I advised my account was cancelled and that I had a letter to “back it up” he told me my account only showed as closed in their system…now tell, what’s the difference? Luckily I was smart enough to call the bank when I cancelled the membership and told them to put a stop payment on the account. By doing so, although Wynn Fitness tried to withdraw the money from my account, the bank did not allow the transaction! The stop payment is only active for a year, but its worth it. On another note, I find the atmosphere very intimidating. Not a very welcoming place and Rodger the manager, I think he’s a dick!

  29. acv66 says:

    just got a 2 month mem off reddeals for 22$(deal expires in 7 days) not bad, this gym is reg to me. i just need a place to workout nothing special.if i could afford the equipment i would never need a gym i used to go to the gym in yorkdale ,this is on the same level. its no goodlife but its cheap for now

  30. VA_FUNGULO says:

    is the friends name peter?

  31. VA_FUNGULO says:

    Veronica. y do i have a feeling ur friends name is peter?

    am i right?

  32. Veronica says:

    I actually like the gym… I don’t really pay attention to anyone there. I go there, change clothes, do my workout and mind my own business. I don’t know much about the whole membership thing because one of the trainers was letting me in for free for like months (Friend of mine)… I felt bad and i was worried he’d get into trouble and eventually just got a membership (Last week) lol. I have a fitness assesment this Saturday, and I’m going to cal in like 2 minutes as ask to cancel it all together and just get my plastic card and see what they say haha. I met Tommy Europe (Last 10 pounds boot camp) there last year! lol

  33. VA_FUNGULO says:

    This gym totaly sucks,. It makes a rats nest look like a 5 star hotel… staff is shit and they insult you over and over.. freaking hot in there. the equipment is probably 2nd hand crap. they force trainers on you.. OH and worst of all, they can take money out of your account whenever they want apperantly.. Looks like i have to find a lawyer.. that and also call in a health inspector along with a few others.. This place is just a dump, plain and simple.. It needs to be closed down or have better management…

    Oh and btw.. the girls there are whores. they flirt and wiggle their asses at the guys to try and lure them in,, PATHETIC

  34. Lovepreet says:

    Hi, Can anybody tell me that how much they charge you per month without the trainer. I have to join this gym bcoz this is the only gym near my home.
    Your reply will be really appreciated.
    Thanks !!

  35. stacey says:

    All of the comments are so true. I stopped going just becuase of the attitudes. The male staff are disgusting and frat house is an understatement. The female staff act like they have a problem.

  36. Kristen says:

    This gym is SO completely unfriendly. I agree with the comments above. The female staff have unbelievable attitude and the male staff think it’s a big frat house. It’s a very uncomfortable place.

  37. bryan says:

    customer service at this location completly sucks, dont join this location

  38. mike says:

    i joined this gym and now im going to cancel. its true they really try hard to pressure you into getting a personal trainer for over 100$ extra a month ontop of membership fees. after 30 mins of saying no finally they let off… also the customer service at this gym is TERRIBLE!!! the employees are the least freindliest i have experienced, the equipment is all broken down.. dont join if you in the keele/wilson area i recomend adrenalin gym much much better i would never recomend this gym to any of my freinds.

  39. Sammy says:

    Totally agree with all the above comments. My sister and cousin both got screwed and overcharged from this gym. my sister is still paying off the over 1000$ in charges. Ron the owner is a joke. They had issues with other people using their parking, and I was a member at the gym and i requested a parking pass – they said they had ran out for that day. I walked out to my car after my workout to the co-op kids plastering cars with paper – to the WINDOW of cars saying that the parking was for gym members only. well i was a gym member and was told “oh sorry you should have had the parking pass” . I ended up having to scrape that shit off my driver side window I was livid and Ron was not even apologetic. Oh and I got my parking pass after that – a bloody photocopy of the name “wynn fitness” and their address. Poorly run gym. They need a new owner as the trainers there are great people.

  40. Samantha says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for anyone do NOT sign with this gym. Their staff is ridiculous. They will force you to do the assessment test where they try to point out flaws and thus make you sign with a trainer and nutritionist to reach your “goal”. I definitely declined because I didn’t have the money however the owner Ron was a complete utter joke. He comes off as a dick and just judges based on your measurements and your appearance. I’m 140, a female. Joining a gym my goal is to lose about 20 pounds not be bombarded with insults for a sale. Every I went in the staff would be flirting with each other and making sexual connotations, like be professional. Another thing is the females, their so stuck up and give dirty looks as you walk in and out the gym. The machines were often out of order or really dirty. Sucks because it has a good set up.

  41. Teen says:

    Their trainers and everyone is really nice. The equipment is impressive too. But I agree with all of the above comments, I did the personal assessment test too and they had me sign the paper. I was 16 at the time and didn’t read the contract..obviously. Luckily I got out of it because I used the “you can’t even use my signature as validation cause I’m underage” excuse.

    I still get bombarded with phone calls and mail advertising “$5.00 a month” passes, It’s bullshit. They’ll get you one way or another.

  42. nel says:

    This is the worst gym ever when it comes to signing papers… they tell lots of lies and make you sign sheets of papers and then you’re tied down. I am a victim and please be warned. Now i am paying what i cant handle… like $1500

  43. KBB says:

    I had a similar experience to the above mentioned comments.. I had a good experience with the actual trainers as they were very helpful and tailor your activities to your personal fitness goals..

    HOWEVER, I was made to believe I was getting some special deal and they were only taking out so much money per month for direct deposit.. but in fact I owed WAYYY more than I thought at the end of everything. . I ended up buying out my remaining balance and getting out of there..

    It’s a shame because it is a really nice gym with helpful trainers.. If you have the money by all means go for it..

    But be careful what you sign …

  44. That girl says:

    be careful when Ur there don’t do anything that u don’t wanna do just say no !! you would be trapped in something that Ur not even interested to don’t waste ur money

  45. Morgan says:

    I felt so pressured to get a personal trainer right away that I now feel uncomfortable to go bc I declined. They are very sneaky in how they try and get you to sign and even if you say no they are extremely pushy for you to get one. Ive had memberships to 3 other gyms in Toronto, all having had fitness assessments and nowhere else have I felt that type of pressure.

    • G says:

      same thing happened to me at extreme fitness, took like 20mins to decline all their offers. just keep saying its too much, then when it’s the final offer, just say it’s still too much. :)

      • Angie says:

        Extreme Fitness dragging me around like a ragdoll until I pulled out a lawyer and then they shut their faces, gave me my money back and wrote me an apology. Learned my lesson the hard way, hope I have better luck with Wynn

  46. Gym user says:

    All the above comments are very true. I felt coerced into signing for personal training. The guy almost had me sign something for over $1000! As he was shoving the paper for me to sign, I asked him what my final rate was (which was astronomical) I told him there was no way I could afford it (thank god I asked and didnt sign straight away). In an attempt to end it all and get away from it. I signed for 6 sessions costing close to $500. This is still too much, but Ive learned a valuable lesson, I will never go to these things alone…try to bring a friend!

  47. Toronto girl says:

    Be very, very careful with this gym. They will give you a temporary paper to get access into the gym when you join them. After, when you need to get your card (your membership card) the represenatitves will tell you that you need to have a fitness assessment apointment. If you tell them you do not want to have a fitness assessment they will tell you this is the protocol to get the card (therefore you are pretty much coerced to do this). The purpose of this appointment is to get you to sign for a personal trainer. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SIGN OUT OF THE CONTRACT WITHIN 10 DAYS AFTER YOU SIGN ANY PAPER!!!! It is in a very small print on the back of the contract that you sign and of course you will not be told about this.

  48. shamar says:

    i like this gym!

  49. Josie says:

    How much is their membership per year? and if we do not sign the paper, they will not give me a discount? Also, are the group classes included in the membership? or Extra? thanks for the warning! I should be heading there soon because it is the closest to my house…I will stay ALERT!

    Newcomer in Toronto!

  50. Rick says:

    For anyone willing to join Wynn fitness on keele..just WATCH out what you sign and whatever they tell you…DONT SIGN ANY PAPERS with Personal trainer as you will get ****ED big time

    They will give you a free class with a trainer. Then they will give you a “SALE” price for it to see if you like it or not and even if you dont want a trainer they will ask you to sign a paper to keep on your record that if you ever need a trainer they can go back into your profile and see that you got a “special” deal…but guess what.. that payment starts right away and your shit out of luck paying $700-1000 for a trainer and all they can tell you is ” TOO BAD YOU SIGNED THE PAPER”

    Just for anyone joining a gym watch what you sign and watch the BS they tell you…best thing is dont join Wynn Fitness on Keele/Wilson

    • Tony says:

      Your a looser man. First time at the gym? Grow a set of balls use your brain and don’t sign shit without reading it idiot. You are the only idiot here as far as I’m concerned

    • Angie says:

      I was looking into Wynn, also because it’s close to my house. I got majorly screwed out of 1000$ from Extreme Fitness and got my lawyer and they nearly crapped their pants realizing you can’t mess with my money and me like that. They gave me back 800 but still never ever ever sign anything with gyms – hotels and gyms are the worst industries, they will royally screw you over.
      I’ve heard Wynn is better and cheaper than Extreme Fitness, I just want the fitness classes not anything else, do they do that?

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