North York YMCA

567 Sheppard Ave. E.
Toronto ON M2K1B2

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North York YMCA, 5.1 out of 10 based on 45 ratings

10 reviews of “North York YMCA

  1. AK: Are they stuck up because you cant get your money back or are they really? I’m gonna say you’re grumpy about not getting your $29 back.

  2. You have to go there in person to cancel your membership, yet once you get there they don’t ask for any ID to prove your identity. This in my opinion is an attempt to give you a run around, so that they get extra payments. They also said that the membership is not transferable once you change your address. That is once you move, you would have to get a new membership at the location closer to your new home. This is absurd a YMCA membership should be allowed to be used at any YMCA location. They then offered a $29 refund (monthly remainder), which would then be transferable to your next membership. That in my opinion is nonsensical, either keep my money or give it back. Oh and the staff are very sarcastic, and stuck up.

  3. I have been a member of the North York YMCA since the late 90’s (off and on). I have also been a member Goodlife. For the money, Goodlife is a better deal. I am currently going to the Y, only because it is more convenient at this time. I find there are a lot of members who are obnoxious to be around. One group of four holds a “meeting”, sort of a daytime talk-show in the stretching room. They are loud and like to show-off. I have complain to the manager a few times, but nothing has changed. There is a cafe counter with some nice tables and chairs under a skylight on the main floor, however they have moved the table-tennis right next to this area. I am at the Y at the same time every morning and the same group of people in the table tennis room, constantly shout and scream. It is very unpleasant for those of us who just want to chat, study, work or read. Again, I have complained to management and to the people making all the noise and nothing has changed. Others have told me it bothers them, but most refuse to complain about it. I plan to hang-in until I can change back to a local Goodlife.

  4. If anyone wants to know things like cost, check their website (, linked up at the top of the listing)

  5. hi there
    I would like to bring my son for swiiming lessons just curious to know how much you are charging how many lessons he requires to learn the begining lebel.
    Thanks Seema

  6. do you have young at heart ? What days and times?
    Step class what days and times?

    Warter aquatics days and times?

    Thanks I am a member of YMCA

  7. Hi.I want to learn to swim.I live near finc much does it cost? Do you sent to information my mail please? ok have a nice day


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