1 review of “Premier Health Club

  1. Please do research on this gym before you sign up. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that the management here had scammed others before I signed up, and ended up getting scammed myself.

    I got a membership here when my living situation was up in the air. I was told it would be no problem to cancel my membership within 10 days. 3 days later I found out I would not be living in the area any more and I told them to cancel my membership. That was four months ago. I have been been promised it will be taken care of numerous times, referred back and forth to different employees, and through it all I’ve never once had a single call returned.

    The lack of customer service, and complete unprofessionalism at this gym is SHOCKING. I’m not sure if these people are scam artists or just bumbling idiots. Regardless, they have had a huge negative impact on my life, and it now seems I may have to take them to small claims court to get my money back.

    Today, in my blitz of bad review posting, I’ve now read many other accounts of people getting ripped off at this gym. Terrible.


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