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  1. I’m very sad that after 10 years at Pure Fitness, they have now twice abused the privilege of using my credit card without my permission.

    As such I am resigning.

    In mid March, I told the club I wanted to put my membership on hold until I advised them my intentions due to Covid.

    As soon as the club reopened beginning of August they charged my visa card without asking permission. I asked them to immediately reverse the charge. After calls, emails and then, even a personal visit, it still took until the 17th of August for them to refund my card.

    They then informed me that if I wanted to put my membership on hold I had to pay a monthly holding charge. What a crock, but I didn’t argue.

    However, because they had held my August monthly fee until the 17th, I thought it reasonable to request (and did so) that they not charge the holding fee until the 17th of September.

    I shouldn’t be surprised, but they charged my visa yesterday again, without responding to my request, without advising they would do so and clearly without my permission.

    It reminds me of the time when the club moved locations in the building, a few years ago and we were shut out for 10 days. They didn’t credit any member for that lost time either.

    It’s unfortunate, that while most situations are easily solved with effective communications, I’m saddened and disappointed that this management doesn’t want to communicate clearly and effectively.

    On a number of occasion I have suggested minor improvements, like putting a tall spout on the fountains so water bottles can be filled without spilling all over the floor.
    While they agree, they never act on the suggestions.

    I have enjoyed the morning staff and many of the morning members, and am frankly saddened to depart, however, the irresponsible use of my credit card without permission is the final straw.

    Clearly, the only way I can practically tell them how I feel is through my pocketbook.

    Please cancel my membership and do not process any more charges on my card.

  2. “This is more of a social club and Aint a gym” – members are chatty. When u dont talk to them they categorized you as outsiders or anti social…good! Cause we dont talk in gyms. We perform.
    You(yeah you!@members) “You supposed to be slave in every gym you go to so you can play the role of a KING when youre out in public””
    Old equipments except for the performance area=/
    Exhibit A.
    Dumbells are loose ends and 1 squat rack; the rest smith machines lol – that tells u enough
    Members complaints when youre too aggressive with your workouts (youre goin to get criticize because youre actually doing something different but cause of the “neighborhood” they rather NOT see u to be different!
    You know what they say “society wants rather raise and see u to be no different or prepare to be criticize when you choose to be different”

    Lotsa phony members
    Fat kid tryna squat honda civic yet wears the wrong shoes and beer belly big as his ego (along with his buddy who dont change gym clothes) -nasss for i though Leaside upper echelon? lmao go figure
    (here I am “new kicks . New clothes every day)

    If i bump into that fat kid downtown? – well see how fast he can run with his nikes and fatbelly when he being chase by grown men looking like stick up yummies=/

    Run forest! …RUN!

    Basically, people here dont trully workout. (They dont need to,many of them are rich) so they jaw dappers and criticize the one who puts on real work AND COMPLAINTs or bring you down when you arent approachable(like me!)
    Lastly, the “manager” will listen to caucasian complaints and kick you out immediately(if youre minority) member and pathetic excuse of abuse of equipments and overuse of space – dude? If those weights can talk theyd thank me for abusing them since day one. Thats the sole purpose of training in the lab to be better mentally and physically
    Also! The racist manager saod to me once – youre not here to be do those workouts he implicates that youre not here to BE BETTER THAN OTHERS lmao

    Everyone pays DIFFERENT RATE comment above is true.
    Downtown is 100 +
    This one some pay 90 80 66 prolly need measuring rod!

    Dont come sign up here if youre inked up super athlete like u from cali (like I did for 2 yrs) – it aint for you!

    Racist aura is in the air! Members talks about u WHILE theyre being personal trained (can u imagine? They suppose to be training not talkin bout you!)

    Hashtag #PATHETIC hashtag #I got proof!
    (A trainer texted me that clients actually chatty bout me)

    Dont COME HERE!
    Pocahontas dad(Manager) is racist on the low!


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