Pure Fitness Canada Inc

939 Eglinton East
East York ON M4G2L6

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Pure Fitness Canada Inc, 5.8 out of 10 based on 52 ratings

60 reviews of “Pure Fitness Canada Inc

  1. The facility, equipment is amazing, space is amazing, classes are good quality, bathrooms are great and always so clean, trainers are all super professional and friendly. The view from the treadmill area is nice to have while working out. They have nice separate rooms (Class studio/hot yoga studio/spinning studio), all so comfortable. I’d give it 5 stars. If you live/work in the area, I’d say it’s worth joining Pure Fitness.

  2. Been coming to this gym for a few years now. Exceptional staff, equipment and absolutely clean. If you like yoga zumba etc. Then this is surely the place to go.

  3. I have been a member here for about three years. Front desk staff is so friendly, and the class instructors are fantastic. Very clean and well run club. I would highly recommend it.

  4. I paid for one year membership all at once and I asked them that don’t want to have my membership renewed. Still charged me for $208. Be aware of this fraud running in this place!
    You can call your members and ask if they want to continue its easier than preparing a credit collection!
    Bunch of Thieves!

  5. Love this place. Joined here 6 months ago and it has already turned into my second home. High end equipment , never busy , great classes and staff. As an added bonus there is free parking outside. Highly recommend !.

  6. Absolutely love this gym. Haven’t been in awhile cause of work but would love to find a workout buddy to keep me motivated. Into building the legs up and specified upper body workout for pitching.

  7. Excellent Facility. Joined roughly two years ago and have no regrets. The place is very clean , literally spotless. I’ve already convinced a couple friends to join , hoping to bring more.

  8. Joined about 8 months ago and I have really enjoyed my experience here. The place has a great vibe , clean, nice equipment as well. The open light really adds to the positive atmosphere. After my one year is up I plan to continue for years to come.

  9. I have been a member for 3 years and I think this gym is excellent. Great vibe and atmosphere. The place is always clean , and the members are respectful of the space. I recommend this gym to all my friends.

  10. There has been a decline in this gym lately. The location is great and there is always free parking. However, the general maintenance and renewal of the equipment is getting into worrisome territory. Wonky elliptical machines that have not been upgraded for years and not enough of them to meet the demand, broken covers on machines for weeks on end, lockers are getting old and missing lots of hooks.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t much competition in the area. If a new gym opened, I’d very likely switch.

  11. Love this gym! Always clean never super busy and everyone who goes there actually wants to be there.The trainers and staff are friendly, flexible and very competent; the equipment is plentiful and lineups for machines/weights are very rare.

    Finally, I’ve never had any issues with billing or payment and prices for personal training are pretty reasonable compared to other gyms I’ve been to.

  12. I join this gym 2 years ago and I quit just because the sales person must be aware that you have to fulfill what is costumer is need. One can not force other what to do what not to do. When ever I request to freeze my membership for short time the always object and come with force argument. The management should also consider to bring more movement space honestly is limited area they have
    Otherwise is nice location .

  13. I’ve never been to a cleaner gym then Pure Fitness Canada. The natural lighting makes it a nice place to go to during the day, I can always grab equipment when I need it. The staff are always nice. Ive been here for 2 years, it’s close to home for me. Two thumbs up Pure Fitness.

  14. I am leaving pure fitness after 5 years. They raise your monthly dues without telling you. Everyone who you speak to pays a different amount. Its a good gym but they don’t try and keep you there. You think that the dues should go down after you’ve been there so long, not the other way. Many people that I have spoken to are pissed about the increases. I am joining LA fitness.

  15. Pure Fitness is Toronto’s best kept secret.

    all the equipment is in excellent shape, and there’s obviously a lot of effort that goes into running the place.There are several TVs and the music’s often a good mix .As for the equipment, they have pretty much everything you’d need: free weights, weight machines, elliptical machines, bikes, etc.

    And when you’re a tad self-conscious, or you’re not a gym regular, or even if you’re a fitness guru – coming here, you’ll feel welcomed, and I love it for that.

  16. Great location, lots of natural light and equipment, not crowded like other gyms. Best gym experience I’ve had in Toronto (and have tried or a lot!)

  17. The gym is very clean!They have a well laid out set up of equipment and they are never crowded like other gyms in the near area. There is a little juice bar and clinic attached. I have to say breathing into a chilled eucalyptus steam room after a hard work out is so refreshing. Parking is easy, gym is high class and I just think there is no comparison to other gyms in the area.

  18. I have been a member at pure for 4 years and would recommend this gym to anyone. the prices for membership are totally in anyones budget and the staff is very friendly. Whenever i workout there, which is often, the cardio machines are always available and the free weight selection is great. Their hammer strength machines are top of the line as well. i will continue to workout there as it is never too busy and no meat heads are members.

  19. I’ve been a member of 4 different gyms in Toronto, and Pure Fitness is my favorite so far. There are ALWAYS plenty of cardio machines available, even during peak hours. Every machine is new, the staff is friendly and attentive, the locker room, showers and steam room are clean and the ambiance is relaxing.

    I was lucky and was given a great deal on my membership, so I can’t complain about the costs. Otherwise I would have to say it’s worth it if you are dedicated to staying truly fit.

  20. Beautiful gym – I looked at a few places in the area and really, nothing compares. Nothing. I’m a morning workout person when I can drag myself from the depths of sleep and I’ve rarely had any problems with waiting for machines, overcrowded space, etc. People are fairly respectful nonetheless. Locker rooms are always clean, showers are prettier than the mine at home. It has all the machines, equipment, studio space, and the classes are pretty incredible – something for everyone. While I’d like to say I love working out, I more so love how it makes me feel. This being said, some days aren’t as easier as others, but having a really nice gym eases the pain tremendously.

  21. I joined Pure in April and I love the facility, so bright and motivating in there. On another note, the first of my payments got messed up as my CC expired and I switched to a new company, payment was due to be charged on the 15th and I was called on the 14th lol to be told that there was an issue with my CC. I went in a few days later with my new CC # in hand and the receptionist took down my information on a change form and i thought that was that. Next month I arrive at Pure and punch in and I am told by the extremely nice morning receptionist, long blonde hair, she is so nice and sadly is the only one on staff that is nice to me. She told me my CC was invalid and when she investigated she found that the other receptionist had requested my CC payment info be applied to a completely different member ?!! and they tried billing his dues to my old CC lol so once we had that rectified I requested that my towel service be removed as I figured I am just getting rude treatment from 90% of the staff there I may as well not speak to any of them until my membership has expired and I can cancel. I was a good member and gave a months notice on the towel service paying for one more month, and the following week when I returned to the club, rude treatment by the receptionist again telling me I had no towel service. I understand mistakes are made and I completely know the fitness industry, I worked at Goodlife for years as a Trainer and I do know that customer experience dictates customer perception and that is crucial for renewals in the Personal Training world I would assume that from a membership standpoint this would be the same objective. From the staff there, I only get vibes and attitude that says “get out, you are not welcome here” sux tho, I really liked the gym at the tour, I wish I could have had a 2 week trial first to get a sense of the negative staff there, I was going to invite several workout buddies to join but I can’t do that now with good conscience. 🙁

  22. I have been exercising regularly since the high school, and am obviously picky about the gyms. Everything is important for me – professional level of the trainers, quality of the classes, equipment, facilities…

    Pure Fitness has never disappointed me in more than two years. The place is clean and cared about, with excellent “machinery” inside. Staff knows me and my wife by name, they are cheerful, positive and fun people.

    While the monthly membership is slightly more than what you’d pay at a chain-facility, you’re getting completely different caliber of (clearly) highly educated staff, classes that you’ll actually continue to attend week after week, just so you can see yourself improve.

  23. The first thing I noticed is how wonderful everyone is at this gym. Very personable, down-to-earth and just generally positive people. The classes are incredible and I am yet to have a less than fabulous experience in them. I also love the variety of classes they have to offer from Yoga, to Spin to Zumba to Pilates etc. They are offered at different times of the day and even a beginner can feel at ease participating.

    I also love the rain showers and the steam room. I couldn’t be more excited to have a gym that is respectful and hip.

  24. This is a great gym. I’ve been a member for about 2 years now and this truly is a Great facility. Equipment is all new , well maintained , throw in the nice clientele and you have a gym that has a great atmosphere. Highly recommend .

  25. The best gym I’ve ever been to – friendly and helpful staff, quality equipment, trainers who actually know how to train, and a great physical space. Even after I moved out of the neighborhood, I still go to Pure Fitness – because it is that good!

  26. One of the best clubs in Toronto. Great ambience, lots of weights and machines. Love the steam room and sauna. Can’t say enough about how good this club is.

  27. I just moved to Toronto and tried a few gyms before actually committing to Pure Fitness.

    The personal trainers and instructors are very professional and got me to a level I didn’t think possible, and I’m far more aware of my body’s little kinks, something that would have been ignored completely at other gyms.

    The cleanliness of the gym and friendliness of the staff (as well as other patrons) lends to a very welcoming and positive environment.

  28. I’ve been going to Pure Fitness for about 3 years now and I love it!

    I love the midday yoga, pilates and boxing classes the most as they’re scheduled at a good time. The friday yoga yin is the best, it always leaves body and mind in a peaceful state at the end of the week.

  29. I don’t get any of the complaints above. Pure is a great gym where a lot of the members are long time members including my self because service is excellent! The trainers are outstanding, you always have access to machines and no body builders.
    Go Pure Go!
    Kr Christian

  30. I totally agree with all the comments above re: Deidre. I have been to her class a few times and she is tough and equally rude! She definitely knows her stuff but like others mentioned, she is very rude and is very capable of making ppl cry. I don’t agree with the comment that says that she’s professional – yes, she knows her stuff but if she is professional, people shouldn’t have to feel so embarassed and hurt by her feedback!! I have completely stopped going to her class and have told my friend to stop as well. She also has tendency to be rude outside of classroom – i had said hello to her several times in the changeroom and she had completely ignored me. It could be that I stopped going to her class but it is still not acceptable to act the way she does – very immature for a woman her age!

    • Stumbled upon this site accidentally when looking up some stuff and have to weigh in re: Deidre.

      Does she know her stuff: sure. BUT she has left me almost in tears several times including my first 6:30am class (this was a big step for me to get up so early to work on my fitness goals) where it felt like she completely picked on me for not being super energetic. Other times I’ve tried going when sick and again, got picked on for my energy level. She’s extremely rude when she offers advice and has a way of making you feel below her. As a physiotherapist, I have a decent sense of body awareness and a total appreciation of correcting form, BUT she even makes me so overwhelmed I lose all motivation in her classes. I end up feeling that I concentrate on my form so much that I lose my workout. I almost feel like Pure needs to get another regular spin instructor and have a special Deirdre class for those who can handle her.

      On another subject, Pure desperately needs 2 squat racks! So sick of people and trainers stuck on one for over an hour!

  31. I have been a long time member and find the faculty clean,friendly and well-equipped. I want to support Deirdre who transformed my spinning and my approach to road biking. Yes, she is tough ( on herself,too) but she takes fitness seriously and uses her expertise to encourage and improve you. I am sorry some of the above folks find her harsh. I find her tough but highly professional and skilled. Anna and Joy are also excellent trainers and create a real sense of community and fun.

  32. I signed for a one year membership with the gym and also bought a year of personal training (which is not cheap). At the end of the year membership, I chose to cancel because I moved to North York.

    When my membership expired, someone from the gym (or their financial company) called to ask me if I was planning to renew. I politely said I was not because I had moved to another part of town.

    Fast forward to six months later when I’m checking my bank account and I see the gym has been billing me every month since then! When I called to complain, the gym simply said “The membership auto-renews unless you call us directly to cancel it. It’s on the contract you signed.”

    I understand you’re a business and you have to do things in the interest of revenue, but this is dishonest. No one ever mentioned the auto-renewal to me even at the point where I directly told them I was not planning to renew. To expect me to remember one line of text from a mountain of fine print on contract I signed a year ago is just ridiculous. If you’ve ever wondered why there’s always a stigma about gyms ripping people off, here’s your case study.

    • All contracts must end after one year.
      Contracts may be renewed only if the supplier complies with certain rules, including:

      Providing you with a notice at least 30 days, but not more than 90 days before the contract expires, that advises that the contract will be renewed.
      Provides you with a copy of the agreement that clearly notes any and all changes.
      States that the contract will not be renewed if you notify the club not to renew the contract.

      If you received a renewal notice and did not respond to it, the club has the right to renew and bill you under the renewed contract.

      If your membership is renewed without notice, send the company a letter asking that the contract be terminated.
      You can also demand back any money paid after the original contract ended.

  33. Thanks JC for your feedback re: spinning. I am so glad that someone’s writing about Deidre’s spinning because beleive it or not I had the exact same experience and felt just the way you did! I agree that her intentions are good but the way she executes it is completely wrong! She also has a habit of making random jokes directed to the client which I didn’t feel was appropriate. She once looked at my oversized watched and said “is that big enough for you”? What was the purpose and was it necessary and what’s the meaning behind it? I didn’t find it funny because this comment was made in the middle of giving me a very pushy feedback on my spinning in a very rude tone of voice. Greg, on the other hand, is super nice and extremely friendly; I absolutley enjoy going to his class!

    • I have been working out regularly at Pure Fitness for 3 years at think it’s great. I have had no problems with billing or anything else. These reviews are reflective of a few people who have had bad experiences, but it’s sad that all of the satisfied “customers” don’t speak up.

      Some great classes –
      Tues morning Bootcamp with Daryl
      Larissa’s classes- very challenging, and I sometimes end up straining my muscles..But the best advice I can give is that you should know your body best, and not feel ashamed to use a lighter weight or do less reps.
      Zumba is fun…not the hardest workout but it’s good.
      Spin- GREG is the BEST
      I also agree re: Deidre- I went to her class a while back, and although I am not a regular “spinner”, I have been doing spin for at least 4 years. She was rude and shouted at me in the class, because she didn’t approve of my bike setup. I have been to one of her classes since, and actually didn’t enjoy it because I found it a bit boring.

  34. Moreover, I find that the friendliness of the receptionists varies drastically — some receptionists are friendly, some just seem like they don’t want to be there. And a lot of times there are other staff hanging around the reception area and starring but they don’t care to smile or say Hi — an example would be Tarik (sp?); he is part of the management team and for a person belonging to the management team should know how to great the customers and if it’s too hard, he shouldn’t hang around at the front desk! And this goes to the other staff as well.

    On a positive note, their personal trainers, for the most part, are very professional. Also, their clearners work hard in keeping the place impressively clean!

  35. I have been a member for few years and I can definitely relate to a lot of the above comments – both positive and negative. One that stands out the most for me is “JOE”. She had sent me a mail stating that they tried to take my monthly fee out of my chequing and that there are not enough funds. Normally I wouldn’t freak out so much but because my master card was compromised just the month before, I overly freaked about Joe’s letter. So I called TD and asked to investigate the problem because clearly there was always more than enough funds. They didn’t see a failed transaction and because I insisted on a second inquiry, I had to end up spending about 40 minutes on the phone with TD. Anyways, to make a long story short, it turned out that Pure Fitness made a mistake on their part – when I went from credit to pre-authorized payments, they forgot to charge me for a month and so Joe decided to send me a mail stating that are trying to reach me and to pay the owing money asap because they couldn’t take the money due to lack of funds in my account. I was beyond furious and was left speechless by her explanation! When I asked Joe about it, she said that it’s a generic mail that they send out to all clients with similar problems — where does Pure find staff like this? What sort of qualifications does this woman has? Is she a family member of the owner or something because I can’t understand how she got this job and manages to stay on despite the million complaints!!

  36. Hello All

    I have really enjoyed my time at Pure Fitness. I have lost close to 40 pounds.

    I have recently begun taking the spinning classes and have really enjoyed them – I have such a sense of accomplishment when I finish a class 🙂 Most of the instructors are great and encouraging.

    I do want to warn anyone new to spinning not to take Deidre’s classes. Although the description says spinning is “individually paced” and for “all fitness levels” – her class is not. I have never felt so discouraged and singled out for not being as good as everyone else. I hate to say it but she made me cry. I’d like to think her intentions were good and she was just trying to help me but her tone was rude and she seemed upset with me. I was working so hard I couldn’t breathe. She was so different from the other instructors – I should have suspected something when her class was only half full and the others are always full.

    I am not going to let this bad experience with Deidre ruin my overall experience at Pure Fitness. It is a good gym and a good rate. I have 12 more pounds to go and I am going to see it through and maintain it.

  37. Agree. I have been attending for 3 years and have never had a problem. My monthly fees are deducted monthly from my account, and I once put my membership on hold for a few months and they even waived the “hold fee”. There are cleaners in the gym all the time. I honestly have no complaints..and I have been to many gyms, and even used to work at a gym.

    The classes are pretty good too. (except that they are only open until 7 on weekends) 🙂

  38. Wow, I am shockes with all the above comments. I have been working out at Pure Fitness for two years. The facility is great and the staff is wonderful. The above comments of Joe are so false. She is a very kind person and is not incharge of the class schedule she just makes changes that are asked to be made by Varissa the cordinator. She always has a smile and greets everyone. Also the cleaners maintain a very clean facility. You should certainly check this club out

  39. So glad I read the reviews on pure fitness. I was planning on going in to sign up tomorrow but I’ve now changed my mind. Now the hunt continues for a new gym

    • You might want to reconsider.. the above posters are obviously just negative. Sad that a few negative jerks can turn someone off something so easily while they hide behind their computer.

      This is the best gym that I’ve ever belonged to. I LOVE IT! Best classes, great rate, great equipment, clean, well managed, super great helpful and friendly staff. Best Gym Ever!

      • whos hiding? and why are people jerks for being mistreated by a business that is taking money from people and not providing great customer service? I would say it is the business that are the jerks.

  40. I love this gym.

    I go many times a week and the girls at the front desk are super nice to me; they always remember my towels and I don’t even have to say a word.

    The showers and bathrooms are extremely clean. The cleaners who are on staff (always the same man and woman) at night when I go seem to do an amazing job.

    The weighs are all brand new, none are missing. The treadmills and elliptical’s all work perfectly (TV and belt). I usually go around 9PM and it’s never crowded, tons of room to do your workout.

    Really I think people just like to complain. This gym is just awesome.

  41. I think the price is way too high here…i went to get a quote and the guy wouldn’t even go below 40 bucks…i heard some people pay more than 60 bucks per month..that’s crazy considering they don’t have a pool or even a basketball court..it’s just your average gym nothing fancy
    do yourself a favour and go join the YMCA.. a lot more for a lot less…

  42. Hey, thank Pure Fitness for the courtesy call to tell me that you there was a “banking error” and that you had no control over taking 3 payments for the month of October out of my chequing account. Most companies would have acted immediately and returned the money…but no, you chose to just leave it alone and hope I would be OK with that??

    What say you…Pure Fitness?
    It’s your move

    • Hi Anne, I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused by this banking error. However we have been in business for five year and dealing with the same bank for 20+ year and this has been the first time we have had an issue. Fortunately it only affected 5%of our clientele which 100% of have been email, called (twice) and refunded with in 10 days. We appreciate everyone’s understanding during our challenges with the bank. We have set op additional reviews with the bank so this kind of error dose on occur in the future. Wishing all good health.

    • talk to your bank about it…they have to put it back if you dispute it..it’s the law..i think you have like 90 days to do it..never give any gym your personal banking info/credit card..always pay cash upfront..it’s a little incovenient but you avoid the problems later on

  43. this gym is a pure scam..don’t join
    they will take money out if they have your banking info even after the contract ends..the law states they have to give you notice regardless of what the contract says but of course they never do..they are counting on people not to know this so they can squeeze an extra payment out of you..to the person who posted about “joe” i couldn’t agree more..she is stupid and a pure a**clown and if she gets rude i say be even more rude to her.. that is the only way..don’t let them take your money when you don’t intend on using the facility after your contract ends

  44. I have been to many, many clubs in Toronto and I have to say that the care that Pure Fitness takes with their business is second to none. Let’s be honest and say that no business ever does a perfect job all the time in any way shape or form but there are a few that give it their best. I am in business for myself and I see that there are some impossible people out there that will NEVER be satisfied…EVER. There will never be enough servicing, enough of a “deal”, enough smiling faces or enough customer appreciation. There will always be moments in my business that things will not go as scheduled or planned and I do my best to make sure that this happens very infrequently. I just try to do better the next time. I’m glad to see that Pure Fitness carries this same philosophy and that the small percentage that remain unforgiving find a new place to be dissatisified with and take their negativity elsewhere. Thanks Pure for always doing your best. Check out the blogs and comments of their local competition who will remain unnamed and see what they are about???? I did…wow.

  45. The only professionals in this place are the fitness staff, for the rest, the owner relies on family and friends to do repairs, installations, tend to members services etc. No wonder the showers are in eternal repairs and the ceiling collapsed. But what is really intolerable to members and instructors is having to deal with the insanity of a staff woman called ‘joe’. She may cost less but is uneducated, untrained, unskilled, unpopular and particularly rude to everyone who is half her weight , fit and well-liked. She not only does a pity job at keeping the classes on schedule, creating confusion and frustration but quite often interrupts at the pick of a cardio class in the studio to reprimand and yell at the instructors because of their loud music. Not to mention that her looks, unbearable anger and negativity surrounding her, affects us all. We have filled a number of feedback forms but no reply yet.. is she is also in charge of ‘customer satisfaction’?

  46. Our promotions have always based of the philosophy offer new clients discounts for the first year and if they truly enjoy the facilities and service they have the option to continue at a guaranteed month by month rate. As I stated earlier we have one of the highest retention rates in the industry even though there is eight clubs with in the area. Again we are sorry you did not have a positive experience at our club. We are constantly trying to find way to improve our service and facilities by seeking out member input with surveys and feedback forms. This has helped us decide our business philosophies and direction. We wish good health in your future.

  47. Do yourself a favor DO NOT pay one time sum fees. Your month to month pay will guarantee you a better service and you may avoid te rudeness they bring out when you do not want to sign for another year. All they are there is for the money and once they have it you do not deserve their quality service reserved for new clients.

    • I am sorry to hear of your experience. Our mandate at the club has always been about membership retention, not aggressive new membership with high turnover. We are a very localized club in Leaside where alot of members know each other hence our goal is to retain and keep our members happy. We have a 83% retention rate of members which is one the highest in the city. Always wish you good health in the future.

      • Can you explain then your false advertising that comes every month in the form of fliers offering to join for 15 dls a month? I find that not only aggressive but a misleading and desperate practise to hook people up to show at your desk. The fact that people know each other is not your merit, leaside is a very well establish small healthy conscious community and comments are that your ‘retention’ comes from the fact that there’s not other facility in the area…don’t assume they stay because they are happy, it is the convenience above all. I am one
        of them.

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