System Fitness

2100 Bloor Street West
Toronto ON M4L1G5

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System Fitness, 6.3 out of 10 based on 56 ratings

62 reviews of “System Fitness

  1. I just called to ask what the monthly fees are…on the other end was a condescending female voice who would not disclose that info…apparently fees are confidential…. Like i’l ever join this gym

    Called march 5 th just before close she said there were no sales managers so she wouldn’t tell me the fees guess her sales managers will never have a shot at selling me a membership. ..and after reading some reviews it sounds like its a company culture

    • This is very sad to hear because I am a member at this gym and all the staff are super awesome. I know that the information are not provided by the receptionist, not because it’s above the pay grade or they are not trained, it’s simply because the sale person could give you a better deal. I know that because when i spoke to the sale manager on the phone was for the basic membership and what i was looking for was more than basic. I suggest that you don’t take your frustration caused by the receptionist on the gym or any organization.

    • I just had the same problem calling my dentist. When the receptionist answered the phone I asked her how much braces would be – can you believe she told me she can’t give me that information over the phone? Like who cares if it’s over her pay grade and that she wasn’t trained or hired to provide me with that information! I want that information! God dammit people!

      • Don’t you think that the orthodontist will need to examine the person that requires braces to determine a treatment plan, and that cost of each treatment may vary. what planet are you on?

  2. I have never seen a facility as clean and as big as this. Ton of equipment which is all brand new. I especially love the spin studio! Brand new bikes, always clean and smells really good unlike some other gyms I have been to. Highly recommend this place

  3. For the affordable membership fee this is an amazing facility with top notch trainers! The staff is super friendly and polite and any time I needed anything they were more than willing to help me

  4. Absolutely the worst customer service ever. Seven months ago, I was on the fence about whether or not I wanted to cancel my account. They suggested that I freeze my account instead. So I did; I froze my account for six months. I had completely forgotten about them and moved on to a much better fitness facility. On the seventh month though they charged my credit card. That’s when I remembered about System Fitness, went in right away to sign a form cancelling my account, and asked that they refund my money because I have not stepped foot in their gym for seven months nor do I plan on remaining a member. I had to speak with three different employees – all who immediately did not ask or care at all what I wanted – and immediately resisted to refund my credit card.

    Their rational is, “Well you signed that contract stating we would start charging you again on the seventh month.” In all three different conversations, this was their main focus, their priority, and their rationale for their entitlement. I explained that I no longer wish to be a member, nor have I used the gym in seven months, so a refund is due. Guys if you feel that holding forms over client’s heads is a legitimate excuse for you to completely disregard the client and customer service, then you seriously need to reassess what the purpose these forms are serving in the first place.

    The third person, one of the managers, Steve, called. At first, I thought, great, someone wants to try and be helpful and resolve this issue. Instead, he called to try and drive the nail in that, according to System Fitness, I am in the wrong and not entitled to my money back. I explained to him, as well as the previous representatives that I am fully aware and understand the form, regardless I have cancelled my membership, have not used the gym in seven months, and require a refund. His opening line in our conversation being, “Was it not your intent seven months ago to freeze your account?” In a condescending tone I might add. Making his intention clear right away that he was not there to rectify any situation, he was not there to listen openly to the client, he was there to berate, scold, and convince me that I was in the wrong. I immediately sensed his bad attitude and tried to put a full stop to that conversation because it was unnecessary, extremely unprofessional, and was not going to solve anything. He insisted that he had the right to know what my “intention” was because for some reason that had everything to do with whether or not I would get a refund. He went off into a hissy fit because I did not want to argue with him and just wanted, all I ever wanted was to get my rightful money back. This conversation he wanted to have was petty, irrelevant, unprofessional – he simply was there to berate and argue.

    Finally he agreed to issue me a refund. (I learned from all of this that System Fitness has more right and entitlement to my credit card and money than I do myself.) But begrudgingly agreed, explaining in detail the long drawn out process he would have to go through now in order to process my refund – all the terrible work I would be putting him through. (Bad client, BAD!) Again, does this sound like customer service? I said great, thanks, please send me an email confirmation letting me know the refund has been issued. To which he again begrudgingly and reluctantly agreed to because it would take him a lot of work, at least a week or two, to process my refund, so why should he have to go through more trouble of sending me a confirmation email.

    And as a side note, just because you devise a “contract” doesn’t necessarily make it legal binding, legit, or able to stand up in a court of law. As a good business, you would call your members once the six month freeze has been up, kindly motivate them to come back to the gym and remind them about the charge that will come out of their CC on the seventh month. A good business always politely follows up. People move, travel, or simply forget about things. That does not make it okay then to continue charging their CC. It’s like System Fitness didn’t even care if I had gone back to the gym or not, as long as my CC was still on file and being billed every month, that’s all that mattered.

    Again, I URGE YOU TO RUN FROM THIS GYM!!! THEY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU! And I was a member for several years and referred and signed up three friends and my husband.

    And if the terrible customer service isn’t enough, their equipment is often dirty and broken, there is often over crowding and having to wait to use machines and weights, their change room often has a sink or toilet not running properly, their kinesiologists are NOT knowledgeable or helpful, and their front staff often haven’t a clue what to do. And that is nothing compared to the disgusting customer service you will receive.

    • I hate when stuff like this happens! Like for example, a couple of years ago I bought a new phone with Bell. I loved it. But about a year later, I saw Rogers had a new phone I wanted and I could get it for $0 on a new contract! So I signed up and got the phone. But Bell kept on charging me for my old one! So I told Bell, no! I do not want to be a Bell client anymore. I have a new phone that I like. Stop charging me for my old phone! That money is rightfully mine! And another time, I went to a restaurant and ordered a meal. I ate about half of it, but then decided I wanted something else. So I ordered a different entree. And when I got my bill, they charged me for both!! I said to the waiter, no! I didn’t finish my meal. I wanted a different one instead! How dare you charge me for something I ordered, but then changed my mind and wanted something else instead! Give me my rightful money back!

      You are ridiculous. YOU chose to freeze your account. YOU chose to go to a different gym when YOU had a membership with System. YOU signed the contract. Just because you forgot about System and went somewhere else does not mean you are entitled to your money back. You’re lucky you got it. Life doesn’t work that way, sweetie. You’re complaining about customer service, when you are no longer a customer. They don’t owe you anything. You’re in the wrong for this. But of course, since you are entitled, you will never see it that way.

  5. System fitness is a gym which could have great potential…apart from their terrible manager, Eddie. He in no way reflects what any proper manager should be, let alone one of a place which encourages physical fitness. He is a bully to customers and workers. He’s verbally abusive and frankly I’m surprised no one has brought a law suit against him yet. He makes everyone around him miserable and is just a blemish on the gym and on society. The only reason people keep going there is because they know they can get away without paying (yes, he’s terrible at keeping an eye on people who have not paid) Plus, no one respects him, and therefore no one actually does what he asks at the gym. The other reason why people go is because it’s convenient. If it weren’t for that, Eddie would have lost his job a Longggg time

  6. I have had a great experience with this gym been with them for 8years..lost over 85 pounds.. my kids loved the Child minding room…it’s the only gym in the area that has a child care…. I would recommend it to my Mommy groups….. I give 5 stars…and enjoy the staff….

    • This is a huge lie. The fat manager is the worst! .. he’s a bully pressuring you to join. He will peer pressure you into not cancelling your membership. Everything is fine with the establishment except the manager who is a selfish low life trying to take advantage of good people who are trying to work out.

  7. I have just recently signed up at System Fitness and I’m very excited about it. Currently I have been a member for 1 month now and it is the best gym I have ever been to. When I workout I use only free weights. This gym has state of the art hammer strength equipment. It has a huge free weight facility downstairs which really is what sold me on this gym. For the runners out there, they have a huge indoor track with tons of cardio equipment on the inside. I feel confident to say that I have never had to wait for a machine in this gym. The staff has always greeted me hello and goodbye when I enter and leave the gym. Overall I love this gym and would not consider going anywhere else.

    • Wait until you decide you want to cancel your business with them Or even better, wait until you have to talk to the manager he is the worst! .. he’s a bully pressuring you to join. He will peer pressure you into not cancelling your membership. Everything is fine with the establishment except the manager who is a selfish low life trying to take advantage of good people who are trying to work out.

  8. I found this Gym while walking by and didn’t know How big it really was. Its right in the bloor west Village and I recognised a lot of people from my neighborhood. I sign’d up bc they have a lot of boot camps and classes included in the membership. So Far my experience has ben great with all the staff there. My fitness consultation was informative, I will definitely try some of their suggestions. Over all very professional gym.

  9. Its an ok gym. Prices are lower, equipment is a little tired. I just wanted to warn others. Membership has a mandatory health assessment which is really a ploy where they try and trick you into buying blocks of personal fitness. Personal fitness is expensive. They don’t mention the cost or how many sessions your signing up for. They also use lines like, “don’t worry if you change your mind, I’ll rip up this pink paper tomorrow”. Meanwhile your giving them authority to charge your credit card on file for the block of sessions. Personal fitness works and is enjoyable for some, however shame on you system fitness, your sales people should be more honest.If you want to join this gym negotiate the monthly cost, be careful during your “mandatory health assessment”, and see if a negotiated prepaid amount can be given. I would also consider joining a more expensive gym, at least their procedures are more honest.

    • I have enjoyed the facilities at this club as well as my trainer. I find them very flexable with my personal training payments and the Management are always available to speak to anytime I have any concerns….I have recommended system fitness to my family and I was given free months for referring them. Iam Happy with this club.

      • Wait until you decide you want to cancel your business with them Or even better, wait until you have to talk to the manager he is the worst! .. he’s a bully pressuring you to join. He will peer pressure you into not cancelling your membership. Everything is fine with the establishment except the manager who is a selfish low life trying to take advantage of good people who are trying to work out.

  10. I came in with a friend to get the 14 day trial. Then some guy whos the manager of trainers tries to push me to do some consultation which I ended up canceling and still bothers me on the gym floor when he sees me trying to sell me personal training. I definiately wont be getting a membership here. I feel like I cant even work out wthout being harassed!!!! Not a friendly environment. The gym smells bad too.

  11. The manager Eddie is a snake. He will try anything he can to keep you there. He does not care about the individual only about making money. He sees all clients as a sack of money. Also he hires people based on looks. If you’re what he thinks is “ugly” you have no chance working there. He offered me to work there to do promotions and said he would pay me cash for my help, I was never paid. When I tried to cancel my membership, I was charged twice in the same month & when I tried to speak to them about it they told me I had to pay more on top of what they took from my account and gave me an ultimatum of either staying there for a few more months or pay up. Management is a sack of snakes. The trainers are very nice though. And yes, it stinks like body odor in the basement floor. Sometimes it is so overwhelming you have to leave. Personally, based on my experience there, I do not like it and I will not be returning.

    • I have had nothing but a good experience at System Fitness…. I have been a member for 5 years and I find the management and staff very helpful.. I have lost a total of 30 lbs and I feel great! I have recommended this facility to friends and family and will continue to do so

      • This is a huge lie. The fat manager is the worst! .. he’s a bully pressuring you to join. He will peer pressure you into not cancelling membership. Everything is fine with the establishment except the manager who is a selfish low life trying to take advantage of good people who are trying to work out.

  12. I’ve been a member at System fitness for quite some time and I am very satisfied with this facility. I cannot picture training any where else. It is located in a great neighbour hood and is easy to get to. Just steps away from High Park and Bloor West Village, as well as the TTC. It is very well maintained and the staff and trainers are very friendly. There is an endless variety of equipment to serve your every need. The atmosphere is very positive and motivational. It becomes easy to get into the habit of training to the point where it feels like a second home.

    • Wait until you decide you want to cancel your business with them Or even better, wait until you have to talk to the manager he is the worst! .. he’s a bully pressuring you to join. He will peer pressure you into not cancelling your membership. Everything is fine with the establishment except the manager who is a selfish low life trying to take advantage of good people who are trying to work out.

  13. Typical gym, they want access to your bank account or your credit card. If you are new you need to do one of the above, you cannot sign up month to month. Then they have you. You have to remember to cancel a year later, 30 days before or they continue to bill you. When you want to cancel they try to sell you on the month to month. Pull you into an office and talk non stop, you cannot get a word in. They try to tell you that they have better prices ect… They will continue to bill, be very careful.
    The facilities are O.K at best. They will tell you they have many classes, for me this was a selling feature at first. However the classes you would want are during the day. This is when most members work. The evening and weekend classes are at inconvenient times and fill fast. They need less day classes and more evening ones also at later than 5 pm. I agree with other members that there is a smell. Stale sweat. They need to bleach the place. Also agree that the other members are nice people. The gym needs to introduce one or two new pieces of equipment, to keep the interest of its clients. Just watch what kind of access you give them to your bank account. Its too bad, If I could join a gym month to month I would.

  14. Lets just say WOW!

    Wow that the facility is as large and spacious as it is.
    Wow that the staff and members both are outgoing and friendly
    Wow that this is a community gym and gives exactly that feel when you are around
    Wow that the consultation is free as it is the most in depth process I have ever had going into a gym
    Wow to their trainers that have a variety of knowlegde and backgrounds (athletic therapists, physio, chiro, Kines) and these are there trainers!!!

    And finally WOOOOOWWW that people find the time to complain about the little things that dont make or break a gym. an establishment asking for money, or a individual not undertsanding a contract is not how a gym should be judged. It is the service, the feel and the people that make the place.

    As I will continued to be WOW’d by this gym, I hope to see more of the Bloor west community keep places like this around!!!

  15. This is kinda interesting ready these comments. I have been a member at systems for 2 years. I found the manager and sales staff extremely courtesy, I got a fantastic deal, and they didn’t push the sale on me. I was given a month pass to try it out and when it was over I decided to join. I have been in the fitness industry for years, been threw various gyms, and all these reviews about gyms scamming etc is due to peoples own stupidity. Most gym contracts always state when ur exsisting contract is up, that u have to cancel immediatley otherwise they continue billing you. Read the fine print people.

    The staff is always friendly and know me by name, the trainers are extremely friendly and don’t push personal training at all. I’ve been to some large franchise gyms goodlife extreme fitness and I had pushy personal trainers come up too me and try to get me to buy personal training while I was working out. You don’t have that problem here.

    In terms of the facility, yes its an older building, but the equipment is top notch, granted some of the equipement is older, but just because some equipment is newer doesn’t mean its better. There equipment is far better than any of the new stuff goodlife has. And they have so much equipment that it gives u versatility in your workout. You can never do the same routine twice, they have so many machines to choose from that target different things.

    I personally prefer that, over a run of the mill machine that is just brand new. People who obviously complain about the equipment being old, obviously know nothing about training or working out and not too be rude, are the run of the mill new years resolution person who is lazy and trains for few months out of the year and quits, and thus complains about cancelling memberships etc, cause they don’t use the gym so thus want out of there contracts.

    Now as a women, I’ve been to gyms where I felt extremely uncomfortable cause I felt like I was a piece of chum, waiting for the sharks to attack. I feel extremely comfortable at this gym, people mind themselves, don’t really harrass u like other gyms. And when people do engage they are extremely polite courtesy. I’ve made some great friends being at this gym its a fun atmosphere. Even the big scary looking men, are super nice, and polite. Much better than being at a goodlife, or extreme where it feels like your in a nightclub, and you have everyman trying to pick you up.

    Overall if your in the area and want a good gym, u should really check this gym out and give it a chance you won’t be disappointed and don’t be discouraged by these negative reviews. People are always going to complain and bitch about something, its human nature. The best thing too do is try it yourself and make your own choice. Cheers!

  16. Ive been a member there on and off since it was super fitness. These bad reviews isnt the gym I go to in High Park. Maybe the beaches facility with the same name. Everyone s friendly its a family atmosphere the equipment is second to none and its huge in the gta for an independant gym. Yes they may need a few more benches they only have 3 I believe but try getting anything done at a goodlife during the peak hours! The manager Eddie is always catering to the needs of the members without any hesitation. Ive seen it first hand. In the end its still a business driven on sales but so is every other gym. Im a goodlife member as well because of my job I travel in the province. Systems High Park is the best you ll get in my opinion especially if your looking for space goodlife cant give you that. They could do something about being consistent about the music they play and the volume I do complain once in a while on that one day its on one day its not one day its so low one day its blasting but nothing is perfect! I give systems an 8 out of 10.

  17. I love this gym! I’ve been a member for about 3 years now and have no complaints!

    If you’re looking for a good gym, this is the one for you!

  18. i have never met such cold and ignorant staff in my life.
    poor sales tactics – and im being extremely vague when I say this. The staff are stuck in a time when gyms were in high demand, and clients came in like a school of fish. You need us much more than we need you- lose the attitude, have some respect, dont treat your possible clients like cash cows and idiots, and crack a smile. We have 7 condos on every corner, and in each of them we have a great enough gym that will do the job with out the pressure of sales and ignorance of staff. System needs to give there head a shake!

  19. I have belonged for 3 years, and it has its pros and cons. The focus on sales and pressure tactics is no better or worse than 3 or 4 other gyms I’ve belonged to.

    The equipment is a B+ and they make very efficient use of space.

    The place always looks half finished.

    No pool.

    I often notice a stronger-than-normal-for-a-gym urine smell. Needs better ventilation.

    Most of the staff is kind of a bummer, but I understand they are under a lot of pressure to log training hours. The older desk staff are very cold.

  20. I am glad I read these and other reviews. Looks like im jogging and working out in the apartment for now. Cant be bothered with organizations like this who rip people off. Thanks for your input!

  21. Worst gym I’ve ever joined. They will take advantage of students, but really just anyone. They should be sued, especially the manager which is a no good high nosed idiot. I don’t know who he thinks he is but let me tell you, DO NOT JOIN THEM. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY.

  22. This is the absolutely the worst gym. Very good at utilizing their scam techniques into owing them more money than they ask for. They take advantage of students as well, have very poor service, and certain male employees are very perverted. Extremely unprofessional, and do not maintain a consistent degree of manners, nor maintain a ounce of decent professional behaviour to paying clients. Usually very busy, and run out of equipment fast. Disgust is an understatement.

  23. I dont know where all this negative energy is coming from.
    I have been a member at system fitness for the past 11 years now and I have no desire to leave or change gyms. I attend the gym regularly and my experiences have always been nothing short of amazing.
    The managers and staff are always friendly and helpful. They greet people with a smile and really strive to make their clients feel like they are part of a community environment. They are eager to help anybody that has any issues or questions regarding workouts, classes, memberships, or anything else they may be inquiring about.
    The facities, and classes are also really good. The gym offers a wide variety of options, including yoga, spinning, zumba just to name a few. They are also always constantly improving and renewing their facilities and appearence to make it more appealing to their clients. The rates are also decent and the managers are always willing to offer individual payment plans that suit the needs of their clients.
    I’m most thankful for the friends and relationships I have built while attending the gym. The other clients are very friendly and great to workout with. It is a great way to meet other people living in the neighbourhood.
    I would definately recommend this gym to all my friends.

  24. This gym is a piece of crap. First, the equipment is old and when they did bring in “new” equipment, it was indeed just old, used equipment from another gym.
    The staff is deff. 2-faced and even after cancelling my contract, they decided to continue charging me the very next day. Mind you, my original contract expired 1 year ago and I was paying just month-to-month. When I went in, the manager kicked me out and said “to chill out”, as I was somewhat angry at the moment due to his stupid ass mistake.
    IF you wanna waste your money, go ahead. For me, I am never going back there ever again.

  25. They are after your money- pressure to sign a contract without properly reading it- They WILL scam you out of money if you let them- Proceed with caution-
    The staff is unprofessional and two faced!

    • Agreed! SOO much pressure to sign up, without explaining the fine print. I know friends of mine that are with the gym and would love to cancel their contracts but are unable to, even though they believed that this would be possible. I agree totally with all of the comments here, AVOID OR PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION.

  26. Have been going regularly for over 20 years.

    Staff at the front desk are great – always know my name and say hello every time. Gym is very clean for the most part. New machines, ok classes and fellow members are very friendly.

    A few months ago I did a fitness test (had never had one in the 20 years I’d been there). My consultant was very knowledgeable and friendly. She recommended I get some help (not pushy at all as some of these posts claim) and in the 2 months that I’ve been working with my trainer I’ve lost an incredible 20lbs. Never achieved that on my own!

    I’m so happy with the staff and the gym in general. I’d recommend this place to anyone.

  27. I LOVE system fitness. I’ve been consistently going for the past 2 years and I’m very satisfied with the facility. It is very well organized. Treadmill, bikes, elliptical, and stairmasters are all upstairs combined with all necessary machines for each part of your body with a newly added yoga room. Downstairs there are 2 big separate rooms which are awesome to workout in if there aren’t classes going on and a women’s room, also a HUGE area of more machines and weights. They organized an area for bench presses and squats and any other related leg exercises. The gym provides many classes ranging from boxing through to cycling. While you’re in there you feel you’re your doing your own thing in your own privacy since the gym has a variety of places where you feel your not being watched all the time. Even when the gym is busy, since there are endless amounts of machines, its never hard to find a place where something is not being used. The environment is very positive and full of determined people reaching their goal. It becomes like a second home and the vibe you get there is very motivational because people are working for the same purpose you are, and it becomes very inspiring and addictive. The staff is very friendly, they greet you with a nice hello and a smile. Ive even taken some personal training lessons and was very pleased. The trainers taught me new ways to work out and it still sticks to me until this day. The area where the gym is located is very easy to travel to and the gym hour are great. Overall I would recommend this gym to anyone

  28. I have recently joined the facility and feel very refreshed by my choice. As a long term member of BOX gyms, I quite enjoy the family environment that System provides. The price is competitive, but more then fair for the amazing classes, upwards of 30 plus, and new equipment (I recommend the Hot Yoga)
    I was at first apprehensive of the typical ‘fitness consultation’ that comes free with membership (I have been charged at most gyms ranging from $100 – $150) as it usually provides information that I already have. However, I found that the consultants experience was top notch, and rather then being talked at in a room for an hour, as I have experienced so many times in the past, I had them guide me through my current routine and fill holes that were missing. I might even bite the bullet down the road and work with one of their “health coaches”.
    All in all, I love the feeling this gym provides. Yes, it isnt as flashy as the typical gym chains out there with super models working behind the desk, and bodybuilders for trainers… but it does provide what a real gym should. A comfortable, fun environment to workout in.



    I’m going on the record to say I’d actually give them a zero or even a negative number if I could… one star is one too many.

    In my opinion, System Fitness are crooks. I’ve tried to cancel my membership for months now (after my initial one year membership was over). I’ve gone in twice to cancel it, only to be told a manager has to do it and they weren’t there when I went in (once after 6pm during the week, another time was on a saturday morning just before noon). I called them numerous times to either arrange to meet with a manager or to have one call me back, all fruitless efforts really. I was even given the manager’s email address and I emailed him a few times, only to have my emails bounce back to me. I never got a call back from a manager and I was told that the manager works from 1pm – 7pm only (during the time in which I actually went in to cancel my membership).

    I put a stop payment on my bank account until they would cancel my membership. It worked for a few months (all while waiting for these “managers” to contact me back to either arrange for a time to meet in person or do it over the phone) and then I got an email from the club stating they were going to report me to the credit bureau for non-payment of funds. I emailed the person back regarding the stop payment on my account, she agreed to have a manager phone me to get this done… still waiting weeks later for a call back.

    A few days ago, System Fitness went into my bank account and took out two months worth and then tried for another month’s worth, only for it to be reversed by the bank. The reason they were able to get around the hold was because they put another amount in for the payment, it bypassed the bank’s hold and $178.52 was taken out. I emailed and called the gym immediately, only to be told that my membership could not be cancelled unless I came in and did it. They did offer me 3 months for free in exchange for the money they took out (how generous). After I threatened to go to small claims court, the girl magically cancelled my membership without going through the manager.

    Now, System Fitness is refusing to refund the $178.52 they took out (from going around the bank hold) because they claim that I never cancelled my membership. These guys, in my personal opinion, are crooks and are downright committing theft and, yet, they are still offering to give me extra time at the gym in lieu of the money they stole from me. If they cancelled my membership, how can they give me extra time? If I was stupid enough to accept it (which I never would), they’d just bill me again and again after the three months was up.

    My advice, DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM!!!. I found it not very clean at all (the showers and bathroom areas are disgusting), the wait times for benches and weights was unreal (if you went between 4pm -8pm) and after 7pm, all the steroid meatheads came out and just wanted to dominate the weight area while they were there. When they sign you up, they try to also sign you up for personal training at the same time, which isn’t a new or original tactic, every gym does it. Note to those who take a fitness test: They told me I was overweight and had 19% body fat, which is nowhere near the truth or close to being accurate at all. They just want you to feel bad about yourself so you’ll either sign up for a membership (past the first free visits) and/or sign up for personal training.


    • Hey, I’m in the process of cancelling my membership and they told me to come in. I’m so afraid what is going to happen, I do not want to give any reason, I just don’t want to go in. They did not want to cancel by phone. I’m at a loss what to do. Is there a way to go through small claims court or something to make sure they don’t charge after cancelling the membership?

    • When I began reading Dale’s story I thought I had written it last year, but I just couldn’t remember writing the first paragraph! Then I saw Dale’s signature.

      The EXACT SAME THING happened to me with System Fitness. They did not stop billing my credit card after I cancelled with them. They made me come-in three times to present my cancellation papers, to “take a copy”, which each previous time they had lost. i.e. they were pretending just to be confused or removed from “head office”. It took them six weeks to process the paperwork and then only offered me a “useage credit” for the elapsed time.

      Then, eight months after cancelling my membership, they again charged my credit card.

      Do not give them any authority to bill your credit card or withdraw from your bank account, and listen to nothing they say, but get everything in legally-binding and crystal-clear writing. Nothing less with these tacky thieves.

      • Not joining this gym was the best decision my partner and I have made. We have since joined a gym just a bit further from home without the customer service problems that seem to be so common in this gym. Our sales representative was downright rude as well.

    • As long as you have a copy of your cancellation notice your bank has to refund any incorrect/fraudulent payments taken from your account (within 60 days, I think). Banks and their tellers will not tell you this upfront as it obviously costs them wasted time and money (from their POV) to get the money back, but it is your right as a customer of the bank.

  30. I just recently started going to System and i have to say so far so good 🙂 the staff have been friendly, and ive listened to them take concerns from members with out rudeness nor hesitation. Not to say that it doesn’t happen, but im extremly pleased with everything about System, and i always wipe the machine before using them anyway, i have seen some sweat marks left once, ewww! So i soak a cloth with the spray and wipe as i go. Efficient and peace of mind 🙂

  31. Although I am not overweight and my physical shows me to be in excellent health,I had a fitness test in which I was told I had a lot of work to do — however I wasn’t asked what my fitness goal was. I was mocked about my beloved yoga (“That won’t ever get you fit.”) which I love to do and makes me feel great. I let myself get talked into buying a 5 pack personal training session – I got matched with a trainer who when I said “I like the machines and need to keep it simple so I can get in and out” gave me weird combinations which I found difficult to do. I then requested to switch trainers and had 1 excellent session but then my membership had expired so I have 2 sessions paid for which I will never get use of because I am unhappy with my overall experience and feel I was pressured by the fitness “expert” to feel like I needed the extra direction when I really didn’t. It’s also feels like a basement and people do not clean the machines after each use like they do at the YMCA.

  32. The staff don’t care about the members, are pushy and actually had the nerve to scream at me in front of everyone in the lobby when I complained about an issue. Very bad customer service skills. The way they design the memberships is to trap you in and then make it incredibly difficult for you to leave. Their aerobics schedule is disorganized, inconsistent and doesn’t meet the needs of many members. They also attempt to squeeze additional money from you (on top of the membership) for classes like hot yoga. All in all, a new gym in the Bloor West Village is badly needed. Guaranteed if a new gym opened they wouldn’t have difficulty getting members.

  33. I really didn’t enjoy the staff there. I told them I was joining because I love working out, especially after a long day of work and I’ve always enjoyed hitting up the gym but just doing my own thing there, working out makes me feel good. They ignored what I said and told me that it would do me good to loose 10 pounds when I said I was satisfied with my weight. Also my metabolism was too slow, they were gonna help me with my diet even though I said I eat really well and already have a health science degree and I’m knowledgeable in the field of nutrition. They also said I really needed to get a personal trainer immediately because I desperately needed to be on an intense weight lifting plan to loose weight and that they don’t ever wanna see me on cardio machines. So even though I already paid my gym pass, I walked out of there and found another gym that I actually felt comfortable going to everyday.

    • I don’t know how this gym is still in operation. I’ve read countless negative reviews about the service at the gym. The sales reps are pushy to the point of aggressive. Would not bother even checking this out.

  34. I recently renewed my membership and I paid a very good monthly rate. No up front fees lots of new equipment and they are always improving and renovating the gym they have some old equipment that no other gyms have that do the job better than some of the new stuff thats out there. like any other business it must remain profitable for it to maintain itself, i get that. I have travelled to alot of gyms and found the staff and management very friendly and helpfull, they sold me a membership customised to my needs and wants. i strongly reccomend this gym to people who enjoy a healthy and envirnment and who are tired of thoughs corporate chain gyms

  35. Beware. All they want is your money. They pressure you to sign the one-year membership contract without even letting you read the contract on your own time. Very greedy manager and staff. Old equipment, I went for my initial fitness assessment, the heart rate monitor was not even working…

    • Totally agree. Our sales rep actually sent me a text message stating that my wife was “rude” and needed to be taught some manners! Extraordinarily unprofessional. Not to mention the outdated equipment.

      • Update – The area supervisor has since contacted us and was very cooperative in helping us find a solution to our issues with the sales representative. He assured us that this is not the way they intend to do business.

        While this overall experience certainly has not been a good one, I am happy that management seems to be taking customer service seriously. I hope this was an isolated incident.

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