6 reviews of “Venice Fitness

  1. I am a personal trainer and this is the worse gym ever. The whirlpool made me sick and got skin desease. The equipment is poorly maintained and is dangerous for use and failed when used. The owners have no idea of how to run a gym and have no people skills. The tanning salon is poorly maintained and people have gotten skin cancer. Stay away from this gym if you want to be healthy and safe.

  2. Worst gym ever. Not sure how anyone can give any positive feedback. Kept charging me after cancellation..and did not stop!!! Months after, still trying to get refund.

    Buyers beware. Get ripped off at your own expense.

    • Shaun I am having the same experience with them. may I suggest calling your credit card company and or bank, for stop payment or card cancellation, as I have just done!!

      • Same experience, they over charged me 3 months, I was told by Chris that they would mail the cheque out to me, when I called to ask where the cheque was they told me that it was against the company policy to mail out anything and that I would have to come in person.

        When I asked why he could not of called and told me, he said he could not find my phone number, even though they have it in my file, 411 is still in service to my knowledge.

        When I went to get the check, it was only for 1 month, I have called repeatedly, once the accountant answered and said that the correct cheque would be done on the 15th of December. Since then, she has been unavailable, not able to return my phone calls, I have no idea how they do their jobs as they are running away or hiding all the time.

        I have put in a complaint to Canadian Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau.

        Do not join this gym, the bathroom is disgusting and smells putrid, the equipment is dirty, broken down and in need of repair.

        I ended up cancelling my credit card.


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