2 reviews of “Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada

  1. I could not believe the good reviews about this gym on the other site http://www.n49. and I think that review website might have secret deal with this gym, since one of my friends posted a bad review about this place a while ago, and they removed next day!!!!!!!

    Anyway, My friend and I used this gym for some time and could not hate it more. This place is very small and messy in the front area. Most of the staff work at the reception does not know how to serve member in a nice way. the manager there is very very poor and maybe that is why they all are horrible in customer service. one of their class instructors teaching kickboxing always plays favour to certain members over others. he does not care others doing wrong moves and only cares the person he always hooks up. and this instructor always treats people in his class like child by asking people sitting down and then he gives his unwise sermons reproaching people. am I supposed being treated like this??? NO, NO, NO. One of my neighbors came the other day using the guest pass and they treated her like hell. they do not allow her to get into the class untill the last minute. Can anyone believe this?????

    The overall experience with this gym is just terrible and feel all those things are from a very underdevelped world. Could not believe we have business like this in Canada!!! God, Pls save this place!

  2. Recently i had a very bad experience with one gym. Just want to share here in order to have you have the reference.

    Having been work out many years with different gyms.I just had a worst experience with one gym. The name of the gym called Womens fitness clubs of Canada. They treat their guest very badly by asking guest to wait after all their members signed in for busy classes, and they turn off the guest if class become full no matter how long u wait there. This is how they treat Guest!

    The way they treat their members are ridiculous as well, they tell their members that for popular classes, you are not allowed to register two class at the same time. After you done the first class, you need to leave the class and wait in line after the person who came for the next class. They are not running the rule of fist come first serve for people want to take two classes at the same time, the people come only for the second class having the priority to get into the class over the people who took the first class who come much earlier. This is hell!

    This gym is the most unfriendly gym that I never never experienced before anywhere else .They have the most hostile and unfair rules towards guest and members. Even The owner does not realize how unfriendly and unfair of the rules they have. And they deleted my wall post because they are afraid to let other people know how bad my experience was with them!


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