4 reviews of “Yonge Street Fitness Club

  1. I cannot recommend this gym enough. From the minute I joined, I have NOTHING bad to say about it. I joined because I got a week’s free trial. I didn’t feel awkward or under obligation to join, which was refreshing after bad experiences with Goodlife (and what I felt was horrible customer service there). I have gotten to know several staff members, who I feel make a real effort to get to know members there. The hours are great, open very early on weekdays until 12 am, which is optimal for my work schedule. There is never a wait for equipment, there is plenty & it is well maintained. They also offer a variety of classes, although I haven’t gotten around to taking any yet. They also feature personal trainers. I have had a session, I do not regularly have these, but I have not yet met a staff member that I did not like at this location.

    The price is also right, and not a complete nightmare to figure out or get out of. The owner is approachable, and also seems to know many of the members.

    This gym is 100% in my top 10 places in Toronto. I also love that it is local- I find very little “pressure,” from others in terms of fitness, even among those who are professional. Other members have been very helpful in the past when I was first joining.

    Even if I move elsewhere in the city, I would come to the area just for this gym.

    (Very accessible from Wellesley and Bloor subways!)

  2. Yonge Street Fitness Club
    7 Isabella, Toronto, ON M4Y 1M7
    (416) 920-3157 ‎ – Believe it! & Find out this is a Great Gymn for Communities Neighborhood & very Clean Good Location with Excellent Service Besides all the Trainers & Trainees have Absolutely Skills of Knowledge of Exercise Routine, Good Values for the Customers Money, Plus above all the Staffs are pretty Nice & Friendly, In all the years i have Try & been a Members of many Gymn in Downtown from Commercials to Private High End Gymn this is the Only Gymn you get your Run for your Money.. its been over a year since i join this Lovely Gymn still loving it, Absolutely Highly Recommended – Customer Choice Review … 5 Stars Guiltiness

  3. Was a member here a few years ago. Decent gym with a large weight room area. I’ve heard they’ve done some recent renovations as well. Despite many other people saying they’ve had issues with the owner, I’ve personally never had a problem even when I quit the gym. One thing that is funny is that every now and then I’ll still get a call from one of their sales staff saying that I’ve won a “prize” and need to come in and claim in! LOL.

    • LOL well they do like to invite back past members! at least their polite about it. I have found the gym to be very clean, has a good vibe and never to busy. YSFC has great rates and since it is independantly owned, they can offer short term contracts.


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