1 review of “Scarborough YMCA

  1. wow, where do i start? noticed a lack of managerial oversight from the get go. many members were not given a tour and just left on their own. the gym is very crowded, no staff available and unhygenic. i don’t think the equipment ever gets washed. the place is cold and drafty and in other areas of the building they have huge industrial fans blowing on you while you sweat (good way to catch a bad cold). some of the staff can become very nasty if you simply bring a matter of concern to their attention, and news travels fast. some members go there to watch other people’s business and not their own and are gossipy. watch the little ugly lady with a big mop of dyed blond hair sitting in the back of the cycle class she has a jealous chip on her shoulder and likes to create drama for other members.
    overall, the place needs more proper management and approachable instructors. things need to be fixed and cleaned more and why not, the managers make big salaries together as a team. look at the organizational chart, the place is shady. wear warm clothes, stay out of the drafts and always bring a towel to sit on. and do not dare to make a complaint. news travels fast. there is a buddy system too where staff sneak their friends in for free.


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