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  1. I like the Cedarbrae location. Gym is always clean, staff is very nice, lots of equipment to choose from. I have been a member of other gyms and Extreme Fitness is by far so much better. By the way love the socacize class!

  2. I just signed up a few months ago and like this location a lot. I don’t have any complaints. The staff is friendly and helpful.

    Leigh, you might have the education but you are lacking professionalism because you come on here, personally attacking one specific employee. If you have a problem with that specific employee, maybe you should be approaching her. Grow some balls instead of bad mouthing someone while sitting behind a computer screen!

    You should also learn a lesson in humility. Showing off to complete strangers about what degree you are studying in school. We really don’t care. Go tell someone who does.

  3. Cynthia- how do you like it? You’re asking me to look outside of what she’s done in the food mgmt course?

    She’s had zero experience before she got her hands on you. But if that’s how you like it, that’s your life. Yes clearly, that food management course is useless, I don’t want to work at a gym for the rest of my life, so unlike [*******] I am finishing my DEGREE in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Guelph

    I hardly consider a 1 week certification as a Biosignature Practioner to be held at the same level as a nutritionist with a degree in sciences (which I will have the end of this academic year) and with solid 2-3 years experience in clinical nutrition (Heck, you can go and register and pass that 1 week seminar, the course that Charles Poliquin offers). I would not say someone who came out of a food management course at a community college and never had a job in her adult life and now working at a GYM as top nutritionist, GOOGLE helps people in their careers nowadays, especially this one. What credibility do you have working at a gym as a nutritionist?

    That’s like saying you’ll trust a surgeon who just came out of private college and has only ever performed on a rat. Your call.

    How I see it, is everyone there are egotistical and only care about themselves. It would hurt to know that the nutritionist trying to help you snickers behind your back and writes about how “fat” you are and “disgustingly overweight” and demeans you. What a great team!

  4. i joined in december, great gym, friendly staff, and they worked hard to get me a deal! i pay a good rate and have a trainer who is affordable! i think people are definetly over reacting about machines, nutrition, and service, my experience was nothing short of amazing! i would definetly recomend joing!


  5. These people hire any joe blow. I went to
    college with ‘[*******]’. We did a measly food management course. Which taught us how to be managers in a food restaurant, ie McDonald’s. Scientific in her approach? Funny, since the last time I check google isn’t a

    Nutrition isn’t a regulated field. Any joe blow can become one and use the title and any certifications that she does have anyone can take in a one week span. If you want a real nutritionist go to a clinical nutritionist who has medical training and proper designation. This club and it’s members obviously are scammers and make up bullshit.

    My recommendation is to sign up for a gym to
    use their machines. But all the other services are just add-ons to steal your money. Hire an outside nutritionist or trainer or dietician (which is regulated in Canada and they need to hold a DEGREE not a diploma and also be a member of the dietitians association)

    Get out there and work hard. If you need motivation join with friends.

    • Leigh…you look fake 🙁 I liked [*******]’s approach because I have used it and have seen the result. Did you ever go to her? Check out what she had done outside of your food mgmt. course.

  6. I am a member of goodlife and extreme because extreme is close were I live and goodlife were I work, both gyms are great but extreme has way more latest machines and way more group fitness classes, love Connor’s yoga class and I love the hot yoga and none of the goodlife had hot yoga. Extreme is open longer hours as well so it also works for me and I love my personal trainer

  7. I like the club. Have been using it for some time. It is much better than goodlife for sure. Location is good, close to my apartment building. I love working out on the pur motion machine.

  8. Love the gym, lots of machines female locker rooms are always clean and prestine I am not sure about other but staff has been nice to me and management very helpful.

  9. Don’ t come and tell me that the extreme fitness gym cares for its members.

    I had my share of troubles with management myself. They kept on deducting my credit card after one year of contract expiry.

    They kept phoning me that I needed a personal trainer to the point that I wanted to tell them to fuk off.

    The trainers were NOT trainers at all ! No qualification…………and staff kept changing so fast that I lost count who was who anymore.

    Shady business !

  10. I am really amused to see these responses. Bunch of lies. I have been going to this location for now two years. They are the most professional gym I have come across. I have taken 36 Personal Training sessions have seen a significant difference. Their nutritional counselar, [*******] is one of the most educated person I have come across. She knows her subject and is very scientific in her approach.

    For sure this gym is not for everyone. If you are rude and have attitude, you can expect the same from them. No one take BS these days. I have been nice to them and I get similar receiprocation.

  11. The management staff is horrible. Make sure you read every inch of whatever you sign. If you want to go to a gym to work on your personal goals don’t go to a gym that will personally screw you.

  12. Do not sign up hear…find another gym that actually cares about their customers…they will tell you anything to get you to sign and make some more dirty money

  13. Machines broken, dirty, rude manager..People dry their undergarments in the saunas and no one seems to care or reinforce any type of rules..



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