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  1. I just had my worse experience today as a customer in Xtreme Fitness. Apparently I am not as smart as Dima, who left the first comment here. When I signed the contract, I was told as long as I move to another place I can cancel my contract. Today I went to their office informing them that I am going to move. They said there is nothing on the contract suggesting one can cancel the contract because of moving. And another minute this person was making random stuff up saying you have to move 50km away from the gym to cancel the contract. I bet if I am really moving to somewhere like Barrie, they won’t let me cancel, simply because there is no such thing in the written contract. I would suggest everyone reading this thread not considering Xtreme Fitness, otherwise make sure you read the full contract terms and conditions before you sign it.

  2. A friend of mine was at Yonge and Bloor one day and happened to encounter a couple of sales reps from Extreme Fitness who offered a 10 day free trial. He decided to sign up for it and after further thought decided that his schedule at U of T would not be compatable. He went to the Bay and Bloor location to cancel this free trial. By the way, he did not take advantave of ANY of the free days that they offered.

    When he told the front line person that he wanted to cancel, a manager and other support staff were called in and he was rudely admonished for backing out. He was warned that he was endangering his heath by not continuing his commitment. Then he started making comments on his attire and that because he was well dressed, he could afford to work out at their facility. Noticing that he was a foreigner who did not speak English as a first language, the manager stepped up the pressuring tactics by having him surrounded by other staff in order to intimidate him further. The real shocker was when the manager asked him how often he masturbated each week. He said this right in front of everyone! (There were 5 staff members present, one of them looked down in embarassment) The manager was doing everything in his power to discourage my friend from changing his mind. I wish ths was caught on someone’s camera phone. This kind of intimidation is so outrageaous and unacceptable that it should be reported to the BBB.

    I am tempted to send this to the newspapers to get an undercover reporter to uncover this scam;

    They eventually let him cancel his free trial but not without doing their best to intimidate people who are not able to retaliate against opportunists.

  3. The Bloor location has the worst customer service i have ever seen. Their manager cant even respond to emails or telephone messages and i have been waiting for 2 weeks. I will never join an extreme fitness again.

  4. This Extreme Fitness location does not manage to meet the BARE MINIMUM service level a gym is expected to meet.
    This location does not have enough TOWELS!
    If you are considering this gym, I strongly recommend to stay away, only you enjoy crossing your fingers when you need a towel before your workout, or before you head to the showers.
    Just for the record, I spoke to the “General Manager”, an Asian guy -whose name I don’t remember- who made no compromises to improve the service. Useless.
    This gym is all about getting the contract signed, and does not follow through on providing the service that you expect.

  5. I have never in my life written a review. Frankly, this is a testament to how unperturbed I usually am by lack of competence, miserable level of service and generally unacceptable conduct. ExtremeFitness, however, is an unsurpassed champion as their ability to successfully rely on an army of employees with less than a quarter of a brain does not cease to amaze me.
    I have had my share of unpleasant experiences; however, my tolerance barometer had never been successfully pushed into the red zone. The staff at ExtremeFitness at Bloor and Bay, though, managed this without a single drop of sweat.
    As I was signing my contract, several months ago, it was explained to me that in the case that I move and all ExtremeFitness gyms happen to no longer offer the convenience of their location to me, I would have the option of canceling my contract. After spending five minutes reading the terms and conditions and being unable to locate the provision referred to by the salesperson, I asked if it was acceptable to add such a provision for full clarity, which I did and which the salesperson initialed. Several minutes later, as I was waiting in a neighboring office, to schedule a health check-up (another waste of time and chance for them to cross-sell their “phenomenal personal trainers’ expertise”) I saw the salesrep strolling along and I vividly heard him conveying to his manager by telephone in the most profane and disrespectful way achievable that the villain that I had been for adding a provision into the contract that I had been advised, in the first place, belonged there but mysteriously, upon closer examination, could not be found. To me, this is more than simply unprofessional. It’s unacceptable.
    My subsequent interactions with the staff at ExtremeFitness convinced me that my initial experience was by far not an isolated incident. I have not quite figured out where the root of my dissatisfaction lies. Perhaps it is the fact that in spite of paying nearly $65/month, the level of service offered is lower than that offered to me at McDonald’s on my way to the office every morning. Perhaps it is the fact that every time I have interaction with customer service/sales people at ExtremeFitness, I leave their premises asking myself if I am a 7-year child with a mental impairment because that is exactly the depth of customer service that is offered to me.
    If ExtremeFitness was a publicly traded company , I would recommend shorting the stock. All I can say, I’m glad my contract is almost over and that if you have someone that you really don’t like, recommend ExtremeFitness to them.


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